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Welcome to ISPPWeb
... in the October 1999 issue of the ISPP Newsletter 29 (5): 2, ISPP appointed its 21st committee, the Committee for Common Names of Plant Diseases (ISPP-CCN). This Committee will work with plant ... will be placed on this ISPP-CCN website. You are invited to comment on the Committee’s Aims, which include recommended Principles (guidelines) and Working Rules (see the ISPP-CCN website below). Send ...

Welcome to ISPPWeb
... ISPP-Committee for Common Names of Plant Diseases (ISPP-CCN) has recently placed a list of "internationally recommended" common names of major sugarcane diseases on its Internet web site ccn ... used in diagnosis. David Teakle and other members of the ISPP-CCN listed on the web site can be contacted for further information on specific matters. Pakistan ...
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