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involving the androecium

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Angiosperm Families - Acanthaceae Juss.
... the bracts and bracteoles often showy); somewhat irregular to very irregular (in about 75% of the genera), or regular; usually more or less zygomorphic. The floral irregularity involving the perianth and involving the androecium ...

Angiosperm Families - Alliaceae J.G. Agardh
... to the one to several spathal involucral bracts). Flowers fragrant, or odourless; regular to somewhat irregular. The floral irregularity e.g. in some Allium species, involving the androecium. Flowers 3 merous; cyclic; pentacyclic. Perigone tube present, or absent. Perianth of ‘tepals’; 6; free to joined; 2 whorled (3+3); isomerous; petaloid; similar in the ...
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... ring (unopened androecium) of long, purple stamens [0.98 inches (25mm)]. Unopened flower buds are held perfectly in the axis of the shoot be it vertical or horizontal (no angle to the shoot). Outstanding ... ], cv. (Bentley, Jour. Roy. Hort. Soc. 73: 266, Fig. 97. 1948). Possibly of hybrid origin involving M. sinensis which was growing near to M. wilsonii. See Johnstone, Asiatic Magnol. T. 12 ...

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