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invited speaker series

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ECSONG: The Nuttery: 10(2) 1991
... about most aspects of nut growing. Consequently, all members are invited to attend, which helps us achieve the field day's ... invited to participate again this year- April 26 from 10AM to 5PM - in the lobby at 240 Sparks St. Anstace and Larry Esmonde-White of the TV series ... Black Walnuts for a profit" was presented in place of a speaker. It was well received. Guy Lefebvre offered ECSONG a board ...

ECSONG: The Nuttery: 10(4) 1991
... spring. This year will be no exception. The executive has invited six presentations, with a long interlude for socializing. Generally, the ... minute CBOT TV news item featuring ECSONG -one of a series of programs relating to Mark Van Dusen's fall activities in ... Long Point Bird Observatory Annual in Burlington last week end. The speaker was Adrian Forsythe - incredible credentials! He spoke on "The Fate ...

ECSONG: The Nuttery: 11(2) 1992
... forward to support this important effort. Also, the CCEA has invited ECSONG to exhibit at the Ottawa Ex: interested in participating? ... free cooperation as well as outline future activities as a series of six 5-year plans. Since conclusion and acceptance of ... Kerr. Nut Industry: Guy Lefebvre, Ernie Kerr, Kurt Wasner, Brian Barkley (Speaker - 258-8241), Bob Moodie, and Mike Acton. Nut Tree Growing: John ...