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imported willow leaf beetle

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Ornamental Plants plus Version 3.0 - I
... HYBRIDS Impatiens hybrids--Impatiens IMPERATA CYLINDRICA Imperata cylindrica--Satintail IMPORTED WILLOW LEAF BEETLE Salix Insect Problems Imported Willow Leaf Beetle INCARVILLEA DELAVEYI Incarvillea delaveyi--Hardy Gloxinia INCENSE JUNIPER ... Mite Rose Chafer Arborvitae Leaf Miner Oak Galls Plant Bug, Leafhopper on Honeylocust Spider Mites Euonymus Scale Imported Willow Leaf Beetle Iris Borer Pine ...

Questions On Misc. Pests
... Q: I may have a problem with my silver weeping willow. This spring it didn't leaf out as strongly as past years. Last year I noticed ... say go for it and not pay out valuable Canadian dollars to the imported material that I'm sure is saturating your market as it is ... I don’t want to lose them. (Frazee, Minn.) A: The sap beetle or picnic beetle can be a pest to berry growers. I would suggest control ...