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ilex verticillata

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Ilex verticillata (L.) A. Gray
... (L.) A. Gray Ilex verticillata (L.) A. Gray Prinos verticillatus L. Aquifoliaceae Deciduous, dioecious shrub 2-3 m high. Leaves elliptic to oblong-lanceolate, 3.5-10 cm long, 1.5-5 cm ... often in pairs. Hardy. Home: Eastern USA Other views: Leaves Cultivated: France and Germany Author: Frdric Tournay Ethnobotanical aspects of Ilex verticillata by Plants for a future database Back to the plant list

Native Plants Forum - GardenWeb
... 11:58 Native Plant Lecture in Huntingon, WV Posted by: jdagpatton KY z6 on Wed, Nov 22, 06 at 11:54 Ilex Opaca Posted by: nyssaman Z6 ON on Wed, Oct 11, 06 at 0:42 Joe Pye Posted by: nicolenanette 92019 on ... 5, 06 at 15:12 3 follow-ups, last one posted on Mon, Nov 6, 06 at 8:08 Looking for Ilex verticillata(Winterberry) seed Posted by: dandy_line 4a Mn on Thu, Nov 2, 06 at 16:49 3 follow-ups, last ...

... germinates in less than two weeks. Needs light for germination. After seedlings appear lightly coverwith a thin layer of seed mix. Ilex verticillata -wash seed (3xdx14), Sow outdoors in December for spring germ. Impatiens biflora - Surface sow seeds and sprinkle some seed medium on top, use 75-80F germination in 5-12 days. Light needed for best germination. Impatiens ...

Native Plants of Ohio, Bulletin 865, Shrubs (1-25')
... trade trade Flower Season and Color/Fall Foliage Color foliage: violet foliage: yellow, orange flower: summer; yellow foliage: red foliage: yellow Scientific Name Gaylussacia baccata Hydrangea arborescens Ilex verticillata Lindera benzoin Common Name huckleberry smooth hydrangea common winterberry spicebush Height 3-4' 3-5' 6-10' 6-12' Ohio Distribution east, northwest south widespread widespread ...

Deciduous Trees and Shrubs With All-Season Interest, HYG-1143-96
... open white in late June and age to purple-pink and finally brown. The bark of mature plants is cinnamon-brown and exfoliates. Ilex verticillata--winterberry or Michigan holly, 6 to 10 feet in height with an equal spread. Slender stems with dense branching make this a fine natural screen. Leaves are a deep green in summer but no significant fall color. ...
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Ornamental Plants plus Version 3.0 - I
... Ilex decidua--Possumhaw ILEX GLABRA Ilex glabra--Inkberry ILEX OPACA Ilex opaca--American Holly ILEX PEDUNCULOSA Ilex pedunculosa--Longstalk Holly ILEX VERTICILLATA Ilex verticillata--Winterberry ILEX X AQUIPERNYI Ilex x aquipernyi ILEX X MERSERVEAE Ilex x meserveae--Blue Holly IMAGES Listing of all Images IMMORTELLE Xeranthemum annuum--Immortelle IMPATIENS Impatiens Insect Problems IMPATIENS ...

Ornamental Plants plus Version 3.0 - M
... TULIP POPPY Hunnemannia fumariifolia--Mexican Tulip Poppy MEYER LILAC Syringa meyeri--Meyer Lilac MICE Rodent Damage MICHAELMAS DAISY Aster hybrids--Michaelmas Daisy MICHIGAN HOLLY Ilex verticillata--Winterberry MICROBIOTA DECUSSATA Microbiota decussata--Siberian Cypress MIDGES Rose Insect Problems Gall Midges MIGNONETTE Reseda odorata--Mignonette MILESINA Abies Disease Problems MILIUM EFFUSUM ' ...
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Arnold Arboretum - Current Plant Highlights - November
... hardiest of the red-fruited, evergreen hollies. Longstalk holly is located in front and to the north of the Hunnewell Building. Ilex verticillata, winterberry, is another holly, but unlike the longstalk, it loses its leaves in winter. Even so, winter is its most attractive season since its profuse, bright red fruits often remain well into the cold months, ...

Floridata: Ilex cassine
... wondering what to do with it consider the dahoon holly. Combine with bald cypress (Taxodium distichum), wax myrtle (Myrica cerifera) and wet loving relatives like inkberry (Ilex glabra), yaupon holly (Ilex vomitoria) and winterberry (Ilex verticillata). The dahoon's bright red berries attract hungry birds and other wildlife throughout the winter. They appear in fall just in time to play starring ...

Floridata: Ilex 'Mary Nell'
... now and receive a free gift of Tulip Topper wildflower seeds with every bulb order. Ilex 'Mary Nell' Common Names: Mary Nell holly, Mary Nelle holly Family: Aquifoliaceae (holly family) Get ... are deciduous. There are many hundreds of species and cultivars of hollies in cultivation. Winterberry (Ilex verticillata) is a popular deciduous holly and inkberry (I. glabra) and the beautiful American holly ...
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