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huang lian

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Index of Common Names: H - Plants For A Future database report
... Columbian Hawthorn Common Hemp Nettle Cornish Heath Cranberry Heath Da Huang Daphne Heath Darley Dale Heath Desert Hackberry Devil's ... Howell's Fawn Lily Hu Huang Lian Hu Zhang Hua Huang Qi Hua Qu Liu Hua Sang Huang Jing Huang Lian Huang Ping Huang Qi Huauzontle Hudson Bay ... Hand Lady's Hand Large Flowered Hemp Nettle Ma Huang Ma Huang Ma Huang Marsh Hog's Fennel Marsh Horsetail Marsh Willow Herb ...

Index of Common Names: L - Plants For A Future database report
... Bane Han Lian Cao Henderson's Fawn Lily Honey Locust Hong Kong Lily Howell's Fawn Lily Hu Huang Lian Hua Qu Liu Huang Lian Hulten's ... Trout Lily Prickly Lettuce Purple Loosestrife Pygmy Water Lily Qin Ling Huang Qi Red Larkspur Red Leg Resurrection Lily Round-Headed Leek Roundhead ... Lily Wu La Te Huang Qi Xue Liu Yellow Day Lily Yellow Loosestrife Yellow Lupin Yellow Water Lily Yun Lian Latin Names: A B ...
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Chinese Names in MO Publications
... Chinese Primulaceae HU Chiming & GENG Yuying. 2003. Two new species of Primula from China. (PDF) HUANG Suhua, SUN Hang & ZHOU Zhekun. 1998. Agapetes subsessilifolia (Ericaceae), a New Species from the Eastern ... (PDF) LI Zhen-Yu. 2002. A New Species of Chirita (Gesneriaceae) from Guangxi, China (PDF) LIAN Yongshan, CHEN Xuelin, SUN Kun & MA Ruijun. 2003. A new subspecies of Hippophae (Elaeagnaceae) ...

Harvard Papers and Arnoldia
... 2000. A revision of the genus Lignariella (Brassicaceae) Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan A., Yang Guang, Lu Lian-li & Cheo Tai-yen. 1998. Delimitation of the Chinese genera Yinshania, Hilliella, and Cochleariella ... nucleotide sequences of two chloroplast non-coding regions (PDF) LI, Pingtao, Xueying ZHUANG, Jiuxiang HUANG & Shaoyun HE. 2006. Notes on Trigonostemon (Euphorbiaceae) for the Flora of China (PDF) MA ...
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Hippophae journal '98
... in Breyat, Russia. N. Mirchanova. Several characteristics of ecological biology of the genus Hippophae. Lian Yongshan et al. Advances in research on the mechanism of drought resistance physiology of ... in Dingxi County. Gao Lin. Selection of seed production area and establishment of parent stands. Huang Quan et al. Preliminary study of drought resistance index of seabuckthorn reforestation in hilly ...

Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica
... Biology, CAS) HAO Xiao-Jiang (Kunming Institute of Botany, CAS)ŠĪ HE Xing-Jin (Sichuan University) HUANG Shuang-Quan (Wuhan University)ŠĪ KONG Hong-Zhi (Institute of Botany, CAS)ŠĪ LI Jie (Xishuangbanna ... Gen (Academician of CAE. Institute of Medicinal Plant, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences) XIE Shu-Lian (Shanxi University) YANG Ji (Fudan University) YANG Qin-Er (Institute of Botany, CAS) YING ...

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