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high sorption

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Native Plants and Phosphate
... with high sorption has scarcely responded. Failure to appreciate such differences have caused many an agriculture scheme to fail. Two is that the rate of supply is much slower on soils with high sorption ... sorption ability. In soils with high sorption, enormous amounts of excess P have to be applied before movement to water bodies is important. Soils are a bit like tanks. Those with little sorption ...

Water Movement in Mulched Beds in Rocky Soils of Miami-Dade County
... particles over the porous limestone bedrock. In shallow soils with high water table (2 to 4 ft deep), frequent applications of ... the irrigation system, a blue dye (Brilliant Blue CF, Terramark SPI High Concentrate, ProSource One, Memphis, TN) was injected at a 1:49 ... Univ. of Gainesville, 89 pp. German-Heins, J. and M. Flury. 2000. Sorption of brilliant blue FCF in soils as affected by pH ionic ...

Extoxnet FAQs - Questions About Pesticide Environmental Fate
... properties are also important, as each soil has a characteristic ability to adsorb pesticides. Soils high in clay and organic matter sorb pesticides better than sandy soils low in organic ... groundwater pollution than soils that strongly adsorb pesticides and have a slow infiltration rate. Soil sorption and infiltration rate also determine pesticide loss in runoff. Soils with slow infiltration rate ...

... , allethrin appears to have little or no mutagenic activity. Carcinogenic effects: Rats fed very high doses of d-allethrin for 2 years did not develop cancer [19]. Organ toxicity: ... : In pond waters and in laboratory degradation studies, pyrethroid concentrations decrease rapidly due to sorption to sediment, suspended particles and plants. Microbial and photodegradation also occur [19]. Breakdown in ...
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Ayaz Adil oglu Efendiev
... sorption properties of the sorbents prepared on their base has been established. It has been shown that the premise of high ... limiting stage of sorption kinetics has been discovered. It has been shown that the kinetics of metal sorption on polymer sorbents ... imine functional groups have been prepared and used in various sorption processes and catalytic reactions of oxidation and hydrogenation of ...

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