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herbal medicine

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Alternative Herbal Medicine Herb Links
... consumers. Alternative Medicine and Herb News Headlines Herb Photos, and more herb picture thumbnails Categories General Herbal Sites Sites with well rounded information about herbal medicine Ginseng and Wildcrafting Herbs Ginseng and other wildcrafting issues Herb Gardening Links Links to nice herb garden sites Herbal ...

A Modern Herbal - Editor's Introduction
... A Modern Herbal - Editor's Introduction A Modern Herbal - Editor's Introduction (from printed edition - 1931) BOTANY and medicine came down the ages hand in hand until the seventeenth century; then both arts ... Society of Herbalists, and since 1926 I have done nothing else but research work in herbal medicine. Just before I opened Culpeper House, a list of Mrs. Grieve's monographs on herbs ... - A Modern Herbal | Angelica - Herb Profile and Information
... and Angelicin. ---Uses---Angelica is largely used in the grocery trade, as well as for medicine, and is a popular flavouring for confectionery and liqueurs. The appreciation of its unique ... gill of brandy. Other Angelicas AMERICAN ANGELICA or Masterwort (A. atropurpurea, Linn.), also used in herbal medicine in North America, grows throughout the eastern United States. The root has a strong odour ...
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Herbal Safety
... Herbal Safety Herbal Safety The BIOMED Programme "By far the largest research programme in herbal medicine funded by the European Union. Herb World News Online Herb Research Foundation online newsletter. PDR for Herbal ... The most Comprehensive English Translation of the German government's monographs on herbal medicine. Due out April, 1998. Buy from Amazon. Food Safety and Nutrition Information ...

Herbs and aromas: links to herbal sites
... aromas: links to herbal sites Home Next Herbs Oils Perfumes Capsules Contact us General coverage Properties/ Databases In the kitchen Herb Rings and Nets Alternative and Herbal Medicine Herb Rings and Nets Further Links Plant images Processing Side effects Poisonous Aroma links NEW Cosmetics Herbal links General coverage http://www. ... - A Modern Herbal | Primrose - Herb Profile and Information
... Saponin. [Top] ---Medicinal Action and Uses---Antispasmodic, vermifuge, emetic, astringent. In the early days of medicine, the Primrosewas considered an important remedy in muscular rheumatism, paralysis and gout. Pliny speaks of ... made of 5 to 10 parts of the petals to 100 of water. In modern herbal medicine the infusion of the root is generally taken in tablespoonful doses as a good remedy ... - A Modern Herbal | Amaranth, Wild - Herb Profile and Information
... woman, bleeding either at the nose or wound.' ---Medicinal Uses---In modern herbal medicine, a fluid extract is employed, the dose being 1/2 to ... bowels. [Top] Common Name Index A MODERN HERBAL Home Page Bear in mind "A Modern Herbal" was written with the conventional wisdom of the early ... may now be considered inaccurate, or not in accordance with modern medicine. Copyright Protected 1995- ...
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Open Directory - Health: Alternative: Herbs: Chinese Herbal Medicine
... Herbal Medicine. Chinese Herb Garden - Provides articles, recipes, products, and pharmaceutic factors of traditional Chinese medicine or sinomedicine. Chinese Herbal Medicine ...

Medicinal Herbs Pictures and Herbal Uses
... . If you have a question about alternative medicine or herbal treatments, I can only refer you to sites with more information. I teach about herbal plants, not herbal treatments for diseases. I'd ... Your Web Site From my own collection! Find More Alternative Health Articles at! This information is intended as an introduction to how medicinal herb plants are used ...

Open Directory - Health: Animal: Alternative Medicine
... Medicine Advisory - Offering science-based information on human and veterinary alternative medicine modalities, including acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine ...

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