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hedge bindweed

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Enlarged ViewHedge Bindweed Flower Use your web browser's Back button to return to the previous page.

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Enlarged ViewHedge bindweed leaves alternate on the stem Use your web browser's Back button to return to the previous page.

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Enlarged ViewHedge bindweed creeping perennial with rootstocks Use your web browser's Back button to return to the previous page.

WSU Whatcom County Weed of the Month
... ) (PDF) Gorse (December 2004) (PDF) Brazilian Elodea (November 2004) (PDF) Common Reed (September 2004) (HTM) Hedge Bindweed (August 2004) (PDF) Spartina (July 2004) (PDF) Butterfly Bush (May 2004) (PDF) Hoary Alyssum (April ...

Wisconsin Vascular Plants: Search Results
... Map Gallery) Calystegia hederacea Wall. [Excluded] Japanese bindweed, Japanese false bindweed Calystegia sepium (L.) R.Br. * + hedge bindweed, hedge false bindweed Calystegia sepium (L.) R.Br. subsp. americana ... Convolvulus sepium L. var. sepium Calystegia spithamaea (L.) Pursh * + low bindweed, low false bindweed Calystegia spithamaea (L.) Pursh subsp. spithamaea Calystegia spithamaea (L.) Pursh ...

Common Weeds of No-Till Cropping Systems, Purdue University
... 2, 2001 Weed Index: Canada Thistle | Common Chickweed | Cressleaf Groundsel (Ragwort) | Dandelion Hedge Bindweed | Hemp Dogbane | Henbit | Honeyvine Milkweed | Horseweed (Marestail) Johnsongrass | Pokeweed | Quackgrass | Trumpetcreeper | Wild ... or Top of Page Common Name: Scientific Name: Life Cycle: Control: Hedge Bindweed Convolvulus sepium Perennial CT-2 Flower Leaves alternate on the stem ...

Derbyshire Wildflowers
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Local Flora: Vines
... supplejack, rattan vine Bignonia capreolata cross vine Bignonia unguis-cati cat-claw vine Calystegia sepium hedge bindweed Campsis radicans trumpet vine Canavalia rosea seaside bean Centrosema virginianum butterfly pea Clematis crispa leather ...

Index of Common Names: B - Plants For A Future database report
... Elm-Leaved Bramble Ethiopian Banana False Buckwheat Fernleaf Biscuitroot Fever Bush Field Bindweed Florida Evergreen Blueberry Foetid Bugbane Fountain Bamboo Foxtail Barley Fragrant Bedstraw Fragrant ... Bittercress Hairy Brome Half-Black Bamboo Hard Stem Bulrush Hardy Begonia Hedge Bamboo Hedge Bedstraw Hedge Bindweed Hemp Bush High-Bush Blueberry Highbush Blackberry Hillside Blueberry Himalayan Bird ... - A Modern Herbal | Bindweed, Greater - Herb Profile and Information
... Bindweed, Greater Botanical: Convolvulus sepium Description ---Synonyms---Hedge Convolvulus. Old Man's Night Cap. Hooded Bindweed. Bearbind. ---Habitat---The Greater Bindweed, or Hedge Convolvulus (C. sepium), is a hedge ...