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group coancestry

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Kyu-Suk's Publications
... selection and breeding were studied considering the factors: selection intensity; genetic value; coancestry; fertility variation; and pollen contamination. The optimum goal of a seed orchard ... diversity in seed orchard programs. Key words: status number, effective population size, group coancestry, inbreeding, fertility variation, ramet variation, gene migration, sibling coefficient Ph.D. Thesis ...

Kyu-Suk's Publications
... ) of the seed crop. Status number (Ns) is defined as half the inverse of group coancestry. Group coancestry is the probability that two genes in a gene pool are identical by descent, ... gene diversity. Group coancestry of the present generation is the expected inbreeding (F) of the following if individuals mate at random and if they are equally fertile. Inbreeding, group coancestry, status number ...
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