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Grewia biloba G.Don var. parviflora (Bge.)Hand.-Mazz.
... G.Don var. parviflora (Bge.)Hand.-Mazz. Grewia biloba G.Don var. parviflora (Bge.) Hand.-Mazz. Grewia parviflora Bge. Tiliaceae Deciduous shrub up to 2 m high. Leaves alternate, ovate to rhomboid ... North China, Korea Other views: Flowers, Flowers Cultivated: France Author: Frédéric Tournay Ethnobotanical aspects of Grewia biloba var. parviflora by Plants for a future database Back to the plant list

Grewia avellana
Grewia avellana

Grewia bicolor
Grewia bicolor
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What plants are good for narrow privacy hedges/screens? - California Gardening
... option is to espalier plants that have a habit of growing flat to begin with.Grewia, Xylosma, Podocarpus gracilior, and Cocculus being good choices.The other possibility is bamboo- but be ...

FLORA OF NORTH AMERICA - Volumes under Production
... Prince, Linda Stewartia Prince, Linda Tiliaceae (fam. 51) Corchorus Hess, William J./ Grewia Hess, William J./ Tilia Hess, William J./ Triumfetta Hess ...

The Plant Kaleidoscope
... Rehd. & Wils. Fraxinus holotricha Koehne G Top Garrya elliptica Dougl. ex Lindl. Gevuina avellana Mol. Grewia biloba G.Don var. parviflora (Bge.) Hand.-Mazz. H Top Halesia carolina L. Hakea salicifolia ...

CRFG Fruit List
... The Rising Demand for Rare Fruit. By William L. Nelson. 1986 #1, pp 7-8 GREWIA TENAX - Phalsa Cherry A Southeast Asian shrub used for wood and edible berry. The flowers ...

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... to Diagnose Some Kiwi Problems. By Roger Meyer. 1989 J, pp 34-36 PHALSA CHERRY - Grewia tenax PHILIPPINE FIG See Ficus pseudapalma PHILIPPINE PALM See Ficus pseudapalma PHILIPPINE TEA - Ehretia microphylla ...
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... ) Lavender Cotton (Santolina chamaecyparissus) Lavender Pebbles (Graptopetalum amethystinum) Lavender Spice (Poliomintha maderensis) Lavender Star Flower (Grewia occidentalis) Lavender-Scallops (Bryophyllum fedtschenkoi) Leadplant (Amorpha canescens) leadwood (Krugiodendron ferreum) Leadwort (Plumbago scandens) Leadwort ...

Pollen and Spore Images Lycophyta
... NSW Pimelia serpyllifolia Thymelaeaceae NSW TILIACEAE Corchorus-type Tiliaceae APD Desplatsia-type Tiliaceae APD Grewia Tiliaceae ANU Grewia-type tenax Tiliaceae APD Microcos Tiliaceae ANU Tilia Tiliaceae ANU Tilia Tiliaceae PalDat Tilia ...

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