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grevillea study group

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Internet Directory for Botany: Arboreta and Botanical Gardens
... M. Fagg & J.Wilson, Australian National Botanic Gardens. The Grevillea Park, Illawarra, south coast of NSW, Australia Jervis Bay ( ... -Macaronesian Association of Herbaria, Flora of "Sistema Ibérico" Working Group, Association of Cacti and other succulents and "Parc de l ... Small Museum of Gardening History, well appointed Library and Study Centre. Harris Garden, University of Reading, UK Kew, The ...

Internet Directory for Botany: Vascular Plant Families
... these fern allies is described. These plants are under study by the "Laboratorio di Fisiologia Vegetale e Micropropagazione", Department ... characterized. Features of the adaptive radiation of this group, including stature and habit, flower and fruit diversity, leaf ... Polygalaceae of the Guianas (Arian Jacobs, the Netherlands) Proteaceae The Grevillea Page, by the Society for Growing Australian Plants ...