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grasses rushes sedges

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Flower Terminology (Part 3)
... the typical flowers of the grass family (Poaceae), sedge family (Cyperaceae) & rush family (Juncaceae). In grasses, the individual flower is referred to as a floret. In the sedge family, each flower ... meadow on the western side of the Sierra Nevada dominated by many species of sedges (Carex) and rushes (Juncus). The shrubs are willows (Salix) and the conifers are mostly lodgepole pine (Pinus ...

What makes a good herbarium specimen?
... for rare species, including many orchids). Grasses (and grass-like plants, including rushes and sedges) Collect whole plant or small clump, including roots. For grasses, make a note of whether the plant was easy to pull up (annual) or difficult to pull (usually a perennial). Grasses ...

Wisconsin State Herbarium, Plant records, announcements, reviews, publications of interest
... Plants of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum, a guide to 360 selected horsetails, ferns, rushes, sedges, grasses, shrubs, vines, weeds, and wildflowers. The book illustrates and describes native and introduced species that ...

Ornamental Grasses for North Carolina
... of ornamental grasses. (The term "ornamental grass" is really a catchall term used to describe all grasslike plants. These would include sedges, reeds, rushes, and a wide host of others.) Most ornamental grasses ... sold in 3-gal containers while the groundcover smaller growing grasses are usually sold in a 1-gal container. The grasses listed have specific hardiness limitations and should not be ...

RLEM 610 Grasses and Grasslands
RLEM 610 Grasses and Grasslands back S.M. Tracy Herbarium TAMU-BWG Herbarium Specimen Browser Flora of Texas Consortium Type Register (TAES) RLEM 303 Agrostology RLEM 304 Rangeland Plant Taxonomy RLEM 633 Wetland Plant Taxonomy Native Praries Association of Texas Native Plants of South Texas Texas Sedges Texas Rushes

RLEM 610 Grasses and Grasslands
RLEM 610 Grasses and Grasslands home Texas Grasses Texas Rushes Texas Sedges TAMU-BWG Herbarium Specimen Browser Flora of Texas Consortium Checklist of Texas Grasses Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Texas
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Our Recommended Ferns and Grasses Books - Denver Plants
... Sponsor info Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses: Sedges, Rushes, Restios, Cat Tails, an Bamboos Reader review: Excellent information and beautiful photos. If you have no grasses in your garden now, your ... of Ornamental Grasses: How to grow and use over 250 beautiful plants! Reader review: This is a great book with clear, concise information and photographs of grasses, sedges, rushes, etc., ...

Ornamental Grasses
... grasses (Gramineae) but close relatives such as sedges (Cyperaceae), rushes (Juncaceae), hardy bamboos (particularly the genus Phyllostachys), and others. This fact sheet presents ornamental grasses ...

Major groups of vascular plants
... , is a Monocot). Familiar examples of Monocots ocurring wild in Northern Ireland are the grasses, the sedges, the rushes, cuckoo-pint, bulrush and yellow flag (iris). Many Monocots have small, dingy flowers because ...

Fern Books
... distribution maps. 86 colour plates, line illus, 500 maps Colour Identification Guide to the Grasses, Sedges, Rushes and Ferns of the British Isles and North-Western Europe Author Francis Rose ... professionals alike with a definitive account of all the native and naturalized species of grasses, sedges, rushes, and ferns. Over 420 species are described with 350 magnificently illustrated in colour. ...

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