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gordon hoyt

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DVOS Our Orchids Masdevallias
... . Living Fire Colm. Wildcat 'Bobcat' Miltonia Bert Field 'Leash' AM/AOS Miltoniopsis Celle 'Wasserfall' Miltoniopsis Gordon Hoyt 'Dolores' Miltoniopsis Herralexandre (Herrale x Andre) Milt. Independence Day Milt. Jean Carlson Miltoniopsis Rouge Picardie ...

Conservation Part 27: First Virtual OrchidSafari Society Meeting with Marilyn Light, 10 Nov 99
... 'm from the Seattle area originally. Was in local orchid society in the '60s with Gordon Hoyt. Miltonias were florist pot plants there( like phalys now). MarilyninOttawa Congratualtions to the proud growers ...

Conservation Part 21: Specimen Plants, by Marilyn Light, 10 Mar 99
... Bulletin about how Gordon Hoyt recognized the specimen potential in a seedling of Milt. Gordon Hoyt (Susan Lynn x J.M. Black) registered by Mr. and Mrs. James Riopelle in 1977. The story recounts how a seedling was selected at first blooming by Gordon Hoyt then raised carefully to specimen size in a kitchen colander. Milt. Gordon Hoyt ‘Dolores' was ...
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Miltoniopsis Culture
... , M. 1958. Orquideas Colombianas. Publicaciones Tecnicas Ltda. Bogota, Columbia. Riopelle, Marie and Jim. 1982. Miltonia Gordon Hoyt 'Dolores', FCC-CCM/AOS, American Orchid Society Bulletin 51(6):579. Sellon, Ron. 1974. Miltonia ...

Cultivation and tillage references
... . Plant Protection Quarterly. 7(2): 66-69. Coolman, R.M. & Hoyt, G.D. (1993). The effects of reduced tillage on the soil ... chemical weed control systems for processing tomatoes. HRDC Final Project Report, Gordon. Gubbels, G.H. & Kenaschuk, E.O. (1989). Effect of spring ... of new vegetable production systems in the USA. HRDC Final Project Report, Gordon. Ingels, C., van Horn, M., Bugg, R.L. & Miller, P.R. ...

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