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golden poeker

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CMOS Newsletter October 9, 2005
... (called Harlequin) on a plant named P. Golden Poeker 'Brother' AM 81 in Taiwan over 10 years ago. He showed excellent slides of the Golden Poeker parentage and subsequent progeny and seemingly endless variation ...

... plant, plus shipping. 3" - 5" leaf span Plants K11 Phal. (Golden Poeker 'BL' x Brother Oxford #20) Yellow harlequin K21 Phal. (Golden Sun x Brother New Player) x Dtps. Brother Love Rosa Yellow ... P. (Be Glad x Mahogany Leopard) x Dtps. (Taisuco Jewel x Minho Princess) D93 P. (Golden Peoker x Brother Spots Way) x P. Snow Leopard D94 P. Tying Shin Cupid x ...

Plant of The Month
... Phalaenopsis and Vanda Alliance 1st Schoenorchis pachyracris ‘Rosy Posy’ grown by Erika Lorincz 2nd Phal. Golden Gift x Dtps. Canyon Mist grown by DiCiommo Orchids 3rd Phal Be Tris (‘Logan ... grown by Erika Lorincz 2nd Phal. mannii var. flava grown by Roland Schwahn 3rd Phal. Golden Poeker ‘‘ES’’ grown by Roland Schwahn Class 4: Oncidium, Brassia, Odontoglossum Alliance 1st Miltonia Hajime Ono ...