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global change

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... ) To select scientist for a given research topic, please click on: "FOOD QUALITY and SAFETY" "Global Change and Ecosystems" For more information please contact: Mrs. Ruthie Lerer ...

American Society of Plant Biologists Home Page
... 2006 - Abstracts | Photos | Survey | Blog Podcast of Career I & II and Plants Mitigating Global Change Symposium @ PB 06 Released (Global Change Podcast Sponsored by Noble Foundation & Ceres, Career Workshop Podcasts Sponsored by ASPB Membership ...

ASPB - Meetings - The Biology of Transpiration 2006
... Berry (Carnegie Institution of Washington) - Stomata and the Atmosphere (Sponsored by Global Change Biology) Mairgareth Caird (University of California - Davis) - Overview of nighttime stomatal ... (University College Dublin) - Tracking long term carbon cycle dynamics, mass extinction and global catastrophes using fossil plant stomatal frequency Dominique Bergmann (Stanford University) - Genetic ...
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Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University
... and biochemical studies of microalgae, bacteria and corals to environmental questions about ecosystem function and global change. Description of Research Mechanistic-level knowledge of the oceanic ecosystem gives oceanographers the ability to ...

OSU Botany & Plant Pathology: Ronald P. Neilson
... Parton, R.P.Neilson, and D.Ojima. 2000. Dynamic simulations of tree-grass interactions for global change studies. Ecological Applications 10:449-469. Neilson, R.P. 1995. A model for predicting ... to transient global warming. Global Change Biology 4:505-521. Neilson,R.P., I.C.Prentice, B.Smith, T.G.F.Kittel, and D.Viner. 1998. Simulated changes in vegetation distribution under global warming ...
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Agnes Kirchhoff
... D. Stevens, A. Kirchhoff, A. Hahn & W.G. Berendsohn 2003: "German Botany within the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)." – In: J. Rammeloo & A. Bogaerts (eds.). EuroGard III Congress ... Information System of the Berlin Botanic Garden. - In: BIOLOG - German Programme on Biodiversity and Global Change, Status Report 2001, pp. 228-229. Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Bonn ...

Department Biology: Institute of Environmental Biology
Department Biology: Institute of Environmental Biology Biological Mechanisms and Global Change Mission Research programmes Internal and external position Valorisation Minutes News New: IEB Flyer Last update: 19-Oct-2006 website statistiek

Climate Change and Botanic Gardens - ANBG
... Global Warming—Tracking the Effects of Climate Change on Plants (USA) Plants and climate change - resources (UK) Climate change and plant conservation - plant conservation strategies need to anticipate climate change (UK) Potential impacts of climate change ...

Open Directory - Science: Environment: Education
... gathering valuable information. GCRIO Global Change and Environmental Education Resources - This collection of resources was selected for their relevance to global change and environmental education. Included ... Planet Connecticut - Program that teaches students in Connecticut about ecosystems, global warming, climate change and how their choices impact the environment. PopEd Toolkit - Popular ...

Open Directory - Science: Biology: Botany: Phenology
... Science: Biology: Botany: Phenology (6) See also: Science: Environment: Global Change: Impacts and Indicators: Plants (6) Global Phenological Monitoring - Gathers links and information on phenological research and ... volunteers to study phenology in the UK, including monitoring impacts of climate change on wildlife. "Phenology" search on: All the Web - AltaVista - Gigablast - Google USENET - Google ...
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