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gladiolus watermeyeri

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... a publication on Tritoniopsis - perhaps in July. GLADIOLUS WATERMEYERI The expert on fragrances is expected from Switzerland this spring and particularly wants to see Gladiolus watermeyeri in situ. If you come across a ... both of whom will be in touch with him. Gladiolus watermeyeri is one of the most sought after species of the genus Gladiolus. Growers worldwide are always looking for seed of this ...

... also depends on drainage. REPORT BACK - GLADIOLUS SUBCAERULEUS After the request in the previous Bulb Chat about this elusive little Gladiolus it was reported that flowering specimens were ... natural succulent vegetation was a major accomplishment. At the April monthly meeting Strumaria watermeyeri, Strumaria chaplinii, Strumaria truncata and Strumaria salteri were shown in full flower. LACHENALIA ...
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