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genus species

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Search digitized image by genus species
... Search digitized image by genus species Australian Plant Image Index Australian National Botanic Gardens Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research Home > ANBG > ... (Check to select; Default = all) Query by value (% = wildcard, e.g. Rut% lepto%;) GENUS Not case sensitive SPECIES CULTIVAR NAME Don't use single quotes Output format HTML Table Excel Spreadsheet Other ... Catalog of Vascular Plant Species of Eastern Brazil
... (see below) Scientific Name Family Scientific Name* Genus Species Scientific Name (all determinations for a specimen) Family Scientific Name* Genus Species Collector/Number Collector Collection Number Collection Location ... but not necessarily in the order typed. *The Scientific Name field searches the genus, species, infraspecies, and author abbreviations of a name. Example 1: the search term " ...

Species Links - a botanical name portal
... Species Links - a botanical name portal Integrated Botanical Information System Botanical Name Portal Australian National Botanic ... boxes below do not need to be filled in if the box above is completed Genus species rank infraspecies Search: Click on the dot below to initiate a search of the listed ...

Tree species of Barro Colorado 50 ha plott
... species of Barro Colorado 50 ha plott Barro Colorado Island 50 ha plot species Enter genus, species, or family to search for information Genus: Species: Family: Instructions Wildcards % or _ can be used A % ... whether to include morphospecies which have not been fully identified Eg, choosing "genus" will return only taxa identified to the genus level Don't leave any field blank -- put at least a %

Orchid Species of the World
... Saturday, February 18, 2006 Dendrobium chrysotoxum This upright species can be found in cool to warm conditions in ... Also known as Dendrobium subclausum, this semi-pendulous species is found in Papua New Guinea, blooming mostly in ... genus, but only the C. mayeriana was able to thrive. posted by Orchid Lover @ 8:38 PM 0 comments links to this post Catasetum fimbriatum This South American species ...

Orchid Species of the World: Cycnoches chlorochilon
... chlorochilon Notify Blogger about objectionable content. What does this mean? Send via SMS BlogThis! Orchid Species of the World This is MY personal photo blog. If you would like to use ... pictures commercially, please read here Search Term: Sunday, February 12, 2006 Cycnoches chlorochilon The Cycnoches genus has some of the absolute best smelling blooms -- this specific one has a very strong ...
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PNW Conifers--genus definition
... the species name refers to the specific type of pine (e.g. "sugar" or lambertiana). Other pines have the same genus name in both English and Latin, but they have different species names. For example: ponderosa pine: Pinus ponderosa lodgepole pine: Pinus contorta "Genera" is the plural term for more than one genus ...

Globetrotters Website - Botanical Databases - Choice of Species
... Species home introduction contributors news botanical database AGAVACEAE links preferences webshop deutsch Scientifically valid species of the genus AGAVE (without taxonomically unresolved species) Please choose from the following list of species ...

Globetrotters Website - Botanical Databases - Choice of typical pictures of the genus
... deutsch Pictures of typical plants of the genus AGAVE Many people ask us, how plants of this genus look like. Here you can see a few typical plants of this genus. We chose three typical plants, three inflorescences and three flowers, only to give a first impression. On the database pages of the single species ...
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... bears today: Saintpaulia. Other species closely related to this first were soon discovered. They all bear the genus name Saintpaulia plus an adjective describing the individual species. The original plant ... Saintpaulia ionantha. There are more than twenty other similar but certainly not identical species in the genus. They have memorable names betraying what those naming them thought of them ...

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