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gastrococos crispa

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Common names of palms
... palm Acanthophoenix rubra Barrel Palm Colpothrinax wrightii Bayas Oncosperma horridum Belly palm Gastrococos crispa Belmore sentry palm Howea belmoreana Bermuda fan palm Sabal bermudana Betel palm, ... Cocos nucifera Cohune palm Attalea cohune Colombian foxtail palm Syagrus sancona Corojo Gastrococos crispa Corossie Attalea crassispatha Corozo Elaeis oleifera Corozo Syagrus stenopetala Cuban manac palm ...

PACSOA - Common Names
... Corojo Palm Acrocomia mexicana Cotton Palm Washingtonia robusta Coyure Palm Aiphanes acanthophylla Cuban Belly Palm Gastrococos crispa Cuban Petticoat Palm Copernicia macroglossa Cuban Royal Palm Roystonea regia Cuban Royal Palm Roystonea regia ...

PACSOA - Gastrococos
PACSOA - Gastrococos Palms   Gastrococos crispa For further information try Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens RBG Kew Species List
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1996 Principes, Journal of the International Palm Society
... . Photo by R. Evans Contents for July 1996 Stem Structure of the Cuban Belly Palm (Gastrococos crispa) Jack B. Fisher, James N. Burch, and Larry R. Noblick Conservation Status of Cryosophila with ...

Germinating Gastrococos – Quickly and Easily
... Gastrococos – Quickly and Easily Germinating Gastrococos – Quickly and Easily CHRIS MIGLIACCIO Dept. of Natural Sciences, Health & Wellness, Miami-Dade Community College 300 NE 2nd Avenue Miami, Florida 33157, USA Gastrococos crispa ... Palm Society© 2002 The International Palm Society, All rights reserved Gastrococos crispa is a solitary, swollen-trunked palm native to the alkaline ...
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Chapter 8: Miscellaneous, Article 1
... etonia Corojo palm (MC) Acrocomia mexicana Coyure palm (UD) Aiphanes acanthophylla Cuban belly palm (S) Gastrococos crispa Cuban petticoat palm (S) Copernicia macroglossa Cuban royal palm (G) Roystonea regia Curly palm (G ...

Chapter 11: Palm Story, Article 6
... lutescens, King - Archontophoenix alexandra, Sealing Wax - Cyrtostachys renda, Petticoat - Copernicia macroglossa or Washingtonia filifera, Belly - Gastrococos crispa or Colpothrinax wrightii, Carnauba Wax - Copernicia prunifera, Hurricane - Dictyosperma album, Dolphin - Kerridoxa elegans, Shaving Brush ...
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November 2000 Meeting of the Palm Society of South Texas
... the potluck and to Bill Madsen for sharing his impression collection of palms with us. Gastrococos crispa, center Acrocomia in background Webpage by Jana Meiser, Photos by Jana and Gary Meiser Back ...

June 2000 Meeting of the Palm Society of South Texas
... of new seeds from the Montgomery Botanical Center. This month they sent us Caryota rumphiana, Gastrococos crispa, and Archontophoenix alexandrae. Bob Harris then gave an update of the Bill Bittle Memorial Garden ...
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