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gasteria pendulifolia

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Gasteria pendulifolia - The Gasteria Reference Collection in North America
... Gasteria sites Meet the "Curator" Contact the "Curator" Gasteria pendulifolia Gasteria pendulifolia - from the type description by E. van Jaarsveld Color photographs of individual Gasteria pendulifolia ...

Cactus and Succulent Society of America - Journal 2001 No 2
... No.2 Baja California by Mule Reid Moran A Letter to the Editor Bruce Beyer Gasteria pendulifolia van Jaarsv., A New Species from KwaZulu-Natal Ernst van Jaarsveld and Braam van Wyk ...

Descriptions and photos of all the Gasteria species - The Gasteria Reference Collection in North America
... of Genus Gasteria Gasteria acinacifolia Gasteria armstrongii Gasteria batesiana Gasteria baylissiana Gasteria bicolor Gasteria brachyphylla Gasteria carinata Gasteria croucheri Gasteria disticha Gasteria ellaphieae Gasteria excelsa Gasteria glauca Gasteria glomerata Gasteria nitida Gasteria pendulifolia Gasteria pillansii Gasteria polita Gasteria pulchra Gasteria rawlinsonii Gasteria vlokii Send ...

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