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garden diggings

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Canadian Iris Society - Welcome
... garden especially if your region experiences very cold temperatures with intermittent, little or no snow cover. Wait until very late November or December to accomplish this last task. Happy iris garden diggings ... CIS Committees, CIS Constitution. News news of events past, present and future Editorial various Garden Diggings items Awards - CIS Awards and also an explanation of the AIS iris awards and ...

CIS - Article: Debby Rairdon
... 16 | Links | Article (For index of many other articles follow the link above) Debby Rairdon/Garden Diggings by Chris Hollinshead I recently came across this very interesting story regarding a previous Dykes ... mainly lawn, trees and shrubs. The only iris she grows is her own Debby Rairdon. Garden Diggings is a regular column in the CIS Newsletter. Chris Hollinshead lives in Mississauga, Ontario with ...
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Moles and Shrews
... in wet areas of the northern forests. Their activity more closely resembles pocket gopher diggings because the pressure ridges are absent, but these moles do produce noticeable mounds ... 's Digging Holes in my Yard? Tips for Mole Trappers Community \ Environment \ Family \ Farm \ Garden \ Living Home \ Search \ Product Catalog \ News \ Workshops \ Online Shopping About Extension \ Extension Offices ...