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Alpine Garden Society
... - new Login Register as a User Cumulative Index - G Choose from a topic/keyword below: Gagea Gaillardia Galactites Galanthus Galax Galearis Galium Galtonia Gamocarpha Gamochaeta Garden Gardening Gardens Gastrodia Gaulnettya Gaultheria ... - A Modern Herbal | Cowslip - Herb Profile and Information
... in the Lethe of Cowslip Wine" (which is pleasantly soporific). Our Lady's Cowslip is Gagea lutea.' The old writers give a long list of ills that may be remedied by ... - A Modern Herbal | Bluebell - Herb Profile and Information
... economic purpose. ---Dosage---3 grains. ---Substitutes---any other bulbous plants related to Scilla (Hyacinthus, Muscari Gagea, etc.) have been used as diuretics, and probably contain related, if not identical substances. See ...
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Code of conduct for the conservation and enjoyment of wild plants
... Red-tipped Cudweed F. pyramidata                                     Broad-leaved Cudweed Fumaria reuteri                                  Martin's Ramping-fumitory Gagea bohemica                                 Early Star-of-Bethlehem Gentiana nivalis                                 Alpine Gentian G. verna                                             Spring Gentian Gentianella ...

Monocots Alisma Luronium Elodea Triglochin Potamogeton Zostera Lemna Juncus Luzula Eriophorum Eleocharis Schoenoplectus Carex Leersia Catapodium Glyceria Helictotrichon Avena Calamagrostis Bromopsis Sparganium Back to Plant Crib Gagea Muscari Serapias Epipactis Liparis Gymnadenia Lake-bottom plants Fine-leaved aquatics
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... Eulophia Eurycles Eustephia SUBMIT AN IMAGE F Ferraria Fortunaria Freesia Fritillaria SUBMIT AN IMAGE G Gagea Galanthus Galaxia Galtonia Geissorhiza Gelasine Geranium Gethyllis Gilliesia Gladiolus Gloriosa Griffinia Griffiniopsis Gymnospermium Gynandriris SUBMIT ...

... Orchis coriophora Pancratium sickenbergeri 1 August 2006 Bellevalia nivalis Bellevalia trifoliata Chionodoxia lochiae Cyclamen cyprium Gagea juliae Lloydia graeca Ophrys elegans Ophrys kotschyi Ophrys lapethica Ophrys mammosa Ophrys umbilicata Orchis laxiflora ...
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Seed Science Research
... A.V. Moharir View PDF Ecophysiology of deep simple epicotyl morphophysiological dormancy in seeds of Gagea lutea (Liliaceae) Author: T. Kondo, T. Miura, N. Okubo, M. Shimada, C. Baskin and J ...

Liliaceae --- Flora of Hokkaido
Liliaceae --- Flora of Hokkaido Distribution Maps of Vascular Plants in HOKKAIDO, JAPAN MONOCOTYLEDONEAE Liliaceae Aletris`Fritillaria Gagea`Lloydia Maianthemum`Polygonatum Scilla`Zygadenus BACK

Open Directory - Science: Biology: Flora and Fauna: Plantae: Magnoliophyta: Liliopsida: Liliaceae
... (1) Convallaria (2) Cordyline (3) Dianella (3) Drimiopsis (1) Erythronium (3) Eucomis (1) Fritillaria (1) Gagea (1) Gasteria (3) Gloriosa (1) Haworthia (16) Hemerocallis (2) Hosta (1) Lachenalia (2) Lapageria (1 ...

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