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... (CAP): Resources for the Identification of Plant Macroremains. A bibliography about the identification of seeds and fruits. From CAP Newsletter 23(2):7-11, 2000. Richard A. ... with Calamites and Sigillaria. Links for Palaeobotanists: Images of Plant Fossils / Paleovegetation Reconstructions. dmoz: Science: Earth Sciences: Conferences, and Science: Biology: Conferences. Société Géologique de France: e ...

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... Fruits about dmoz | suggest URL | update listing | become an editor | report abuse/spam | help the entire directory only in Produce/Fruits Top: Business: Food and Related Products: Produce: Fruits ...

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... Fruits about dmoz | help Top: Science: Agriculture: Horticulture: Fruits Websites concerned with scientific aspecs of the growing of tree and soft fruit. Apples Sites concerned with the science of growing apple fruits ... to canes or wires. They include the brambles; blackberries and related fruits, and also gooseberries. Citrus Fruits Citrus trees not only provide nutrition, they have added value when ...
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