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foolish pleasure

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Foolish Pleasure
Foolish Pleasure Foolish Pleasure Foolish Pleasure is currently being evaluated for possible introduction in 2004 through It is a larger mini-flora with excellent form and color. Growth, size, and color is similar to the mini-flora Tiffany Lynn. David Clemons

Roses In Review
... Sl No No Flip Flop 3 7.3 7.7 Y M Sl Sl No Foolish Pleasure 4 7.7 8.1 Y T Sl No No Harm Saville 1 8.8 ...

2005 District Show
... Peggy Scott Mini-Flora Queen - Butter Cream by Dr. & Mrs. Bob Knerr Mini-Flora Prince - Foolish Pleasure by Peggy Soctt Copyright 2004 - 2006 Colonial District of the American Rose Society. All Rights ...
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The Philadelphia Rose Society
... Princess Ken Borrmann Conundrum Mini Prince Stacy Catron Liberty Bell Mini Duchesse Diane & Ernie Szilagyi Foolish Pleasure Best Mini Flora Ken Borrmann Tiffany Lynn Best Mini Spray Diane & Ernie Szilagyi Ernie Mini ...

National & District Rose Show Results
... of '73 Chappell, Bill Mini-Flora King Whirlaway Gill, Don & Sara Jo Mini-Flora Princess Foolish Pleasure Chappell, Bill Mini-Flora Court Regina Lee Moser, Jimmy & Evelyn Mini-Flora Court Tiffany Lite ...

National & District Rose Show Results
... . Benjamin Williams Mini-Flora Rose National Trophy Harold & Jean Baker, Lakeland, FL 'Butter Cream' (2), 'Foolish Pleasure' (2), 'Lady E'Owyn', 'Louisville Lady' (2), 'Tiffany Lynn' (2) Rose Hybridizers Association Trophy Whit ...
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ARS Rose Show Results
... & Mrs. Prabhu Columbia, SC J. Benjamin Williams Trophy Louisville Lady, Lady E'owyn, Foolish Pleasure, Tiffany Lynn, Butter Cream Harold & Jean Baker Lakeland, FL Rose Hybridizer's ... Susan Clingenpeel Bethlehem, GA 3 - Same Variety Foolish Pleasure Don & Paula Adlong Conway, AR 5 One Bloom per Stem Louisville Lady, Foolish Pleasure, Butter Cream, Conundrum, Charismatic Bob & Sandy Lundberg ...

ARS Rose Show Results
... . J. Anthony Memphis Blues Court Joseph J. Yelinek Tiffany Lynn Court James & Brenda Richardson Foolish Pleasure Court James & Brenda Richardson Lady E'owyn Court Don & Laura Wade Conundrum Court James & ... (white) Sharon Hite Cachet Class 32 JUDGES CHALLENGE Linda Burg Luscious Lucy, Regina Lee, Foolish Pleasure SECTION D SMALL GARDEN Class 33 MINIATURE BLOOMS Joseph J. Yelinek Chelsea Belle Class ...
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2005 Rose Show Results
... Irresistible Dancing Flame Arcanum Jilly Jewel Breath of Spring Conundrum Peter Cottontail Charismatic Butter Cream Foolish Pleasure Cachet Little Tommy Tucker Paint Brush Gourmet Popcorn [no award] Glowing Amber Butter Cream Baby ...

Rose Care, Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society
... years and have been pleased with it and have used it in National Challenge Classes. Foolish Pleasure. David Clemmons also hybridized this miniflora rose. This pink-blend rose grows on long straight ...

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