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floribunda spray

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South Carolina Rose Society Rose Show Results—October 14, 2005
... Spray – Robert Myers – Perfume Delight Floribunda, Individual – Allene Able – Kanegem Floribunda Spray – Paul & Charlotte Blankenship – Sun Flare\ Fully Open HT or GR – Jack & Becky Champion – Marilyn Monroe Polyantha Spray ... Jack & Becky Champion – Suffolk, Secret, Louise Estes, Hot Princess, Mavrik Mini Spray – Tom & Ilse Estridge – Soroptomist International Miniature Fully Open – Paul & Charlotte ...

April 2003 Newsletter
... This will reduce black spot problems. Spray your roses once a week, starting now. Keep up your spray schedule. We are prone to black ... schedule will ensure a proper fertilizing balance from cutting to bloom. Spray every week for black spot and watch for aphids and ... exhibition bloom. When showing a floribunda spray, remove only the center bud and leave the side buds for your spray. Make sure the stem ...
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The DelChester Rose Society: 2006 Rose Show Results
... HT – Duchess - Louise Estes – Ken Borrmann Best Floribunda Spray – ARS Certificate, D. R. Gerner Memorial Trophy. Bill Warriner – Tom Mayhew Best Floribunda Exhibition Bloom – ARS Certificate, Thomas E. Hare ... Most Points in Gr Classes - D. R. Gerner Perpetual Trophy -- Bruce & Liz Monroe Floribunda Sweepstakes, Most Points in Fl Classes - Margaret Gerner Perpetual Trophy -- Bill & Kathy Kozemchak ...

The Philadelphia Rose Society
... Fourth of July BEST FLORIBUNDA BLOOM- Glenn Philips- Playgirl BEST FLORIBUNDA SPRAY- Tom Mayhew- Hannah Gordon BEST HYBRID TEA SPRAY- Michael Wrightstone-Gemini BEST GRANDIFLORA SPRAY- No Award DOWAGER QUEEN- ... Diane & Ernie Szilagyi- Mother's Love BEST MINIATURE SPRAY- Diane Wilkerson- Soroptimist International BEST MINI-FLORA SPRAY- Michael Wrightstone- Tiffany Lynn Challenge Classes BEST ROSE IN ...

The Philadelphia Rose Society
... Floribunda- 1 bloom Bill & Kathy Kozemchak Day Breaker Best Hybrid Tea Spray Bill & Kathy Kozemchak Dainty Bess Best Grandiflora Spray Donald Atkiss Queen Elizabeth Best Floribunda Spray Diane & Ernie Szilagyi Marmalade Skies Best Polyantha Spray ... Jasper Crane Old Rose Trophy Pat Pitkin Old Rose Collection Floribunda Trophy Bill & Kathy Kozemchak Lavaglut Henry Johnson Trophy Ken Borrmann Dublin ...
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... Show: 17 Mini/MinFl Queen of Show: 35 Dowager Queen: 19 Victorian Award: 16 Floribunda spray 27 Polyantha spray: 42 Shrubs and Climbers 31 Total rose show trophies (1988-2006): 897 Rose Hybridizer ...

National & District Rose Show Results
... ' Garden Web Rose Forum Best in Show Trophy Susan & Ben Barry, Fort Smith, AR Best Floribunda Spray 'Lady of the Dawn' Previous Page Next Page
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2001-A Rose Odyssey
... Mini Spray, Jeanne LaJoie Best Open Bloom, Just Joey Best Shrub, Star Delight Best Floribunda Spray, Betty Boop Pretty sure this is Winnipeg Parks and Brass Band, Best Junior Entry and Best Floribunda. Page ...

2001-A Rose Odyssey
... Moonstone ARS Floribunda Certificate David McKeen Brass Band ARS Hybrid Tea/Grandiflora Spray Certificate No Entries ARS Fully-Opened Bloom Certificate Barb Peterson Just Joey ARS Floribunda Spray Certificate Jean ... Art Nelson Don Juan ARS Single Mini Certificate No Entries ARS Miniature Spray Certificate Stephanie Gerster Jeanne LaJoie ARS Novice Certificate Jean & John Oberpriller Betty ...
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Floribunda Chapter changes
... & MEDIA SERVICES News Releases Member Announcements Awards Advertising Rates FOR JUDGES ARS Corrects the Floribunda/Polyantha Chapter 2006 Upon the recommendation of the ARS Board of Directors at the ... has been established for Floribunda Sprays. ARS Gold, Silver and Bronze medal certificates will be available should you choose to make these awards in the Floribunda Spray categories at your rose ...

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