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flat leaves

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Identification of the Conifers
... A tree belonging to the order Coniferales. Trees with needles or scalelike leaves and cones as opposed to broad, flat leaves that more often than not are coneless. EVERGREEN - perennial plants which ... year. SOFTWOOD - Softwood trees are usually evergreen, bear cones, and have needles or scalelike leaves. They include pine, spruces, firs, and cedars. Wood hardness varies among the conifer species, ...

Identification of the Hardwoods
... redbud | royal paulownia | sassafras | sweetgum | sycamore | tupelo | willow | yellow-poplar HARDWOOD - Trees with broad, flat leaves as opposed to coniferous or needled trees. Wood hardness varies among the hardwood ... leafless for some time during the year. BROADLEAF - A tree with leaves that are broad, flat and thin and generally shed annually. Tree Identification Glossary: Definitions of terms ...
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Iridaceae - Iris Family
Iridaceae - Iris Family Iridaceae - Iris Family Flowers: 3 petals and 3 petal like sepals, only 3 stamen Fruit: 3 chambered pod Leaves: slender flat leaves Plant: bulbs and tubers Back to Family Index

Growing Garlic in the Home Garden, HYG-1627-92
... white skin. The larger outer cloves produce the best garlic. Garlic has flat leaves rather than the round hollow leaves of the onion. Garlic is used largely as a condiment and as flavoring ...

Cycas basaltica
... as the distinct species that it is (Maconochie, Kennealey). Distinguishing features: Distinguished by the flat leaves with perpendicular, broad, white-tomentose but non-glaucous leaflets with slightly recurved margins. ... tall, 15-23 cm diam. at narrowest point. Leaves grey-green to deep green, semiglossy (when mature), 80-125 cm long, flat (not keeled) in section (opposing leaflets inserted ...

... , and terete. The first type has broader, flat leaves, while terete types have round, pencil-shaped leaves. The semi-teretes are hybrids between the two ... about 25% to 35% shade, less in winter if dull. Leaves should be a medium green, not dark green. Water Vandas ... partially filled with water. Do not mist the plants if the leaves will not dry by nighttime. Air movement must be strong. Fertilizing ...

Species Plants
... been published with the wrong picture. Review pictures with some skepticism. Herbarium specimens (usually dried, flat leaves) lack important details. FC Stern wrote a wonderful, scholarly work, The Genus Paeonia, in 1946 ... shapes. Certain species such as japonica cannot take full sunlight for an entire day; its leaves turn a pale, sickly green, almost white, in full sun. This is typical of plants ...

Identify by Leaf
Identify by Leaf Broad Flat Leaves select the image that best matches your sample Compound leaves Simple leaves BY NAME || BY LEAF || BY FRUIT || BACKGROUND || HOME OPLIN Disclaimer 1997 Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN) & The Ohio Historical Society (OHS) Please send comments to: The OPLIN Managing Editor Date of last revision:10/24/00

Leaves take a long time to produce babies - African Violets Forum - GardenWeb
... variety itself have something to do with leaves not producing quickly. Of course, it may just be your impatience! Leaves take about 3 months to produce babies ... Sun, Nov 5, 06 at 1:42 Here's a trick: Get a flat dish and put about 1 inch of sphagnum moss in it. Take ... ears popped up 1 month after I planted my last batch of leaves (over 100 leaves), it's now almost 8 weeks after I planted them and over ...

The Cycad Pages
... Leaves: bipinnate, longitudinal ptyxis circinate, horizontal ptyxis involute. Leaflets with circinate ptyxis and often a true terminal leaflet, lower leaflets not reduced to spines. Petioles lacking spines or prickles. Leaflets flat, lacking a midrib, with numerous subparallel longitudinal veins and stomata on both surfaces, individual ptyxis flat. Leaves pubescent, at ...

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