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flag iris

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Should I harvest Iris & Marsh Marigold seed pods while GREEN? - Bog Garden Forum - GardenWeb
... 04 Hi, If I harvested the seed pods of Blue Flag Iris, Yellow Flag Iris, Siberian Iris, and/or Marsh Marigold while they are still green, ... its suply, also yellow flag Iris is invasive in many places isn't it? RE: Should I harvest Iris & Marsh Marigold seed pods while ... personally. Let Mother Nature do the work for you! Yes, yellow flag iris is very invasive. If you deadhead it faithfully, it shouldn' ...

Iris Forum - GardenWeb
... 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 How do you collect iris seeds before they get away from you? Posted by: jennifer_ruth z5 IN ... posted on Tue, Aug 1, 06 at 15:40 source for miniature dwarf iris (not purple) Posted by: ericjsmom Nebraska on Sat, Jul 15, 06 at ... , last one posted on Sat, Jul 22, 06 at 2:06 Yellow flag iris help needed urgently! Posted by: greenlydia on Thu, Jul 20, 06 at ...
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... tall. White Flag Iris (Iris albicans) This historic iris was once very common throughout the South. It has off-white flowers that bloom in March above gray-green leaves. This old iris is heat- ... Blue Flag Iris (Iris versicolor) Blue flag is a beautiful native iris that grows in damp areas in the eastern United States. Lavender-blue flowers on 3-foot stems during May and June. Dutch Iris These ...

Ken Walker's Water Loving Iris
... Iris prismatica 'Polly Spout' Iris prismatica 'Polly Spout' Photo Date: 9 May 2001 Iris pseudocorus, dwarf Iris pseudocorus, dwarf Photo Date: 5 May 1999 This is the European yellow flag iris. The variety of this iris ...

... Index | Annuals | Biennials | Perennials | Wildflowers | Herbs | Vegetables | Companions | Landscaping | Shop | Iris, Orange Popsicle Reblooming Iris Iris Bouquet Trellis Orris Root Extract (Iris germanica) 16 fl oz: HH Free $20 off bulbs, ... quality, more so than with any of the other irises. Water or Flag Iris - Yellow Flag and Blue Flag Iris are staples in many water gardens, and with good reason. ...

Iris louisiana, sibirica, pseudacorus
... of Siberian, Japanese, bearded, Louisiana, and yellow flag iris. Available by mail order for fall 2006: Iris ensata 'Variegata' - variegated Japanese iris (30") Clean, green and white foliage with dark ... variegated foliage. Zones 4 - 8. Iris pallida with snowball bush (Vibirnum opulus 'Roseum') 1 I. pseudacorus, yellow flag iris, yellow water iris. 3 - 4'. These iris have thick, strap like foliage ...

Iris tenax
... Iris tenax Iris tenax Douglas ex Lindley (Oregon flag, Tough leaf iris) __Photo by Paul Slichter. More photos of I. tenax by Paul Slichter. Photo by Eric ... . Return to Alphabetical List Return to List by Taxanomical Series Return to North American Native Iris page Last modified 5/03.

Iris versicolor
... Iris versicolor Iris versicolor L. (Northern blue flag) _ I. versicolor photographed in NW Ontario by Dan Mason (email him). I. versicolor "CAT ... . Return to Alphabetical List Return to List by Taxanomical Series Return to North American Native Iris page Last modified 8/04.
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CIS - Article: How to register and introduce an iris
... | History | Events | Membership | ADMIN/Contacts | News | Editorial | Awards | Articles Index | Cultural Info | | Auctions | REGIONAL Iris Societies | AIS REGION 16 | Links | Article (For index of many other articles follow ... syllables, or thirty letters. h. Names containing the word iris or flag or the species name of any recognized species of Iris, or formed wholly by recombining puts of the ...

Iris : obtentions Jean Peyrard
... off 2001 'Archange' 'Zipper' X 'Dumpling' 'Blue Horned Papoose' Iris pumila X 'Flag of Truce' 'Jeff' 'Varigay' X inconnu 'Mister Sam' Iris pumila X 'Thrice Blessed' 'Mumu' 'Puppy Love' X 'Little Egypt' 'Petit Nicholas' 'Scribe' X Werckmeister seedling 2000 'Clemence' 'Triplicate' X inconnu 'Messire Benoit' 'Flag of Truce' X ...

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