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Angiosperm Families - Acanthaceae Juss.
... , Trichanthera, Trichocalyx, Ulleria, Vavara, Vindasia, Warpuria, Xantheranthemum, Xerothamnella, Yeatesia, Zygoruellia. Economic uses, etc. A few cultivated ornamentals: Acanthus, Aphelandra, Fittonia, Beloperone, Justicia, etc. Illustrations. • Technical details - Adhatoda (~Justicia), Ruellia. • Technical details - Justicia (Thonner). • Acanthus (inflorescence). This description is offered for ...

Orchids & frogs - how to combine? - Terrariums Forum - GardenWeb
... the side of the tank. Also, choose non-toxic plants for the floor of the tank (anything that isn't poisonous for cats and dogs will do fine) like snakeplants (Sanservia or a similar spelling), fittonia, Ludisia discolor (if you want an orchid for the bottom of the tank which is affordable and will grow back quick enough if attacked by crickets), bromeliads, etc. Post a Follow-Up Please Note: Only ...

Foliage Plants - GardenWeb
... posted on Sun, Nov 5, 06 at 20:43 Coleus for full sun? Posted by: amaretto 10 on Mon, Sep 25, 06 at 13:12 3 follow-ups, last one posted on Sun, Nov 5, 06 at 17:22 what do curling fittonia leaves mean? Posted by: otternymph 11104 on Thu, Oct 12, 06 at 23:35 8 follow-ups, last one posted on Tue, Oct 31, 06 at 22:51 Gold Dust Plant with leaves problems... Posted by: monjolijardin z10 CA on Wed, Oct ...
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House Plants Forum - GardenWeb
... , Nov 25, 06 at 1:56 Anyone have a variegated Schlumbergera? Posted by: mrbrownthumb z5 Chicago on Wed, Nov 22, 06 at 13:28 2 follow-ups, last one posted on Fri, Nov 24, 06 at 15:42 Update on Fittonia--mushrooms! Posted by: otternymph 7 on Sun, Nov 12, 06 at 13:02 16 follow-ups, last one posted on Fri, Nov 24, 06 at 13:37 Ficus sylvie has lots of brown spots on lower leaves Posted by: frank.flynn ...

House Plants Forum - GardenWeb
... last one posted on Thu, Sep 7, 06 at 19:59 Pots at Jo-Ann Fabrics! Posted by: pepperomia 6 - OH on Wed, Sep 6, 06 at 17:57 3 follow-ups, last one posted on Thu, Sep 7, 06 at 19:01 Anyone a Fittonia lover? Posted by: smithjm z9 FL on Wed, Sep 6, 06 at 15:30 7 follow-ups, last one posted on Thu, Sep 7, 06 at 11:04 Sphagnum Moss vs Spanish Moss Posted by: littlehippygirl on Wed, Sep 6, 06 at 0:55 4 ...
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... with Glenn Shepard, a PhD candidate in anthropology at UC Berkeley, and local guides. Mamperikipini, Fittonia sp. Acanthaceae, with guardian insect. Elias, our guide, said that the insect was really a ... mind that we were harvesting specimens. He replied that our good intentions were apparent. Mamperikipini, Fittonia sp. detail. This species is employed by the Kofan and Siona-Secoya tribes of the ...

Flora of Ecuador: Acanthaceae
Flora of Ecuador: Acanthaceae Flora of Ecuador: Acanthaceae : Updated: Thursday, July 14, 2005 Aphelandra aurantica Alto Napo Fittonia sp. Palora Fittonia sp. Palora Ruellia colorata La Selva Lodge Ruellia colorata Alto Napo Thunbergia alata New Quito Airport

Flora of Ecuador: Acanthaceae - 2/6
Flora of Ecuador: Acanthaceae - 2/6 [2/6] Photographer: Morley Read Date: 2/2/02 21:02:10 Name: Fittonia sp. Family: Acanthaceae Province: Pastaza Location: Palora, Altitude: 900m Notes:
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Ornamental Plants plus Version 3.0 - N
... Catmint NEPETA X FAASSENII Nepeta x faassenii--Persian Catmint NEPHROLEPSIS Nephrolepsis--Sword Fern Nephrolepsis Insect Problems NERIUM Nerium--Oleander Nerium Insect Problems - Indoors NERVE PLANT Fittonia argyroneura--Nerve Plant NETTLE-LEAVED MULLEIN Verbascum chaixii--Nettle-leaved Mullein NEW ENGLAND ASTER Aster hybrids--Michaelmas Daisy NEW YORK ASTER Aster hybrids--Michaelmas Daisy ...

Tico Ethnobotanical Dictionary -- F
... , Rhizophora, Simarouba, Sloanea, Trichilia. Firiguelo: Phaseolus (C) Fish-poison tree: Piscidia (E) FISTULA: An abnormal passage between two internal organs. Treated with Thespesia. Fitofito: Sisyrinchium (C) Fittonia: Mala mujer (C); Zaragoza (C) Fitweed: Eryngium (E) Fiu: Calocarpum (CR) Flamboyan: Delonix (S) Flamboyant: Delonix (E) Flametree: Delonix (E) Flamula: Masdevallia (C) Flat-sedge: ...

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