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fishtail palm photo

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Palm Tree Care and Common Palm Tree Names
... fishtail palm Photo 28 Caryota mitis Fishtail palm Photo 32 Caryota no Giant fishtail palm No Photo n/a Caryota obtusa Indian fishtail palm Photo 30-35 Filtered Light Caryota ophiopellis Snake skin palm Photo 22 Caryota urens Jaggery palm, Toddy palm, Wine palm, Toddy fishtail palm, Solitary fishtail palm No Photo ...

House Plants Forum - GardenWeb
... Plants Forum - GardenWeb Blogs Garden Voices Blog Directory Forums Garden Forums Home Forums Nature Forums Photo Galleries Garden Galleries Home Galleries Ask The Experts Tools & Directories Organization Directory Events Calendar Hortiplex ... , last one posted on Tue, Sep 6, 05 at 14:16 To repot or not, Fishtail palm Posted by: usmc_oldman z9 CA on Sun, Sep 4, 05 at 16:17 4 follow ...

Floridata: Caryota mitis
... Names: fishtail palm Family: Palmae/Arecaceae (palm family) Get link to Profile# 21 (click for data record) e-mail this page Description Fishtail palms ... a fish's tail fin, hence its common name (see photo below). Like other species in the genus (see C. urens), ... from wind. This palm is perfect for understory planting in woodland areas. Features Fishtail palm is a tough, easy to grow palm that makes ...

Floridata: A Gardener's Journal - September 2002
... maybe a new Mexican fan palm (Washingtonia robusta) and ...) I planted 10 Chilean wine palm (Jubaea chilensis) seeds last January ... palm seedlings that had germinated in the past several months. I was ten for ten on the seeds of Wallichia densiflora, a palm that looks like a dwarf version of the fishtail palm ... the American beech (Fagus grandifolia) it had a photo of the wrong tree (D'OH!). Thanks to ...
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Virtual Palm Encyclopedia: Ecological Importance and Ethnobotany
... The Sugar Palm The Fishtail Palm 7. Palms for Vegetables The Pacaya Palms The Peach Palm The Coconut Palm The Assai Palm 8. Palms for Oil The African Oil Palm The Coconut Palm The Babassu Palm The ... Home Page VPE Table of Contents VPE Photo gallery Virtual Palm Encyclopedia Site Map Powered by FreeFind. This site is copyrighted 1998-2006, Palm & Cycad Societies of Florida, Inc. For questions ...

Chapter 8: Miscellaneous, Article 1
... palm (BR) Livistona rotundifolia Formosa palm (J) Arenga engleri Fountain palm (G) Livistona chinensis Foxtail palm (UD) Wodyetia bifurcata Franceschi palm (MC) Brahea elegans Gebang palm (BR) Corypha elata Giant fishtail palm (J) Caryota no Giant mountain fishtail palm ... VPE Photo gallery Virtual Palm Encyclopedia Site Map Powered by FreeFind. This site is copyrighted 1998-2006, Palm & Cycad ...
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