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fibre tracheids

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Angiosperm Families - Implicit Attributes
... bundles absent. Medullary bundles absent. Internal phloem absent. The secondary phloem not stratified. Xylem without tracheids; without fibre tracheids; without libriform fibres; with vessels. Tile cells absent. Pith without diaphragms. Root anatomy. Roots ...

Angiosperm Families - Acanthaceae Juss.
... absent. Secondary thickening developing from a conventional cambial ring. ‘Included’ phloem absent. Xylem with fibre tracheids; with libriform fibres; with vessels. Vessel end-walls simple. Vessels without vestured pits. Primary medullary ...
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Botany online: Supporting Tissues - Conducting Tissues
... as that of good steel wire (25 kg/ mm2). But the fibre tears as soon as it is put too great a strain ... has been studied in Linum. Starting at the centre of the fibre are the thickening layers of the secondary wall deposited one after ... of the xylem are always lignified. Reliable evidence for the fibre cells' evolutionary origin of tracheids exists. During evolution the strength of the cell walls was ...

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