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fertile fronds

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Staghorn Ferns for Florida
... for growth of the fern. Foliar fronds, also called ``fertile fronds,'' are either erect or pendant and may be divided into lobed or strap-shaped divisions. Foliar fronds have a reproductive function forming ... fronds with silvery cast. Produces pups. Semi-hardy to temperatures of 40°F (4.4°C). Native to Australia. P. vassei. Easy to grow species with upright fertile fronds, dark green. Basal fronds ...

Doug Eckel's palm and cycad home page
... "type" -------$12.00 bare root narrow fronds med. to large shields Platycerium blue boy grayish blue color Platycerium bloomei --------- very wide fertile fronds with pointed tips -----mounted $30 ... in bright light Platycerium netherlands Platycerium newbil Platycerium pumila wide fertile fronds Platycerium Robert's? thick and fuzzy fronds like veitchii but dark green tops narrow fingers and lots ...

Morphology of Order Ophioglossales
Morphology of Order Ophioglossales Morphology of Order Ophioglossales Ferns of this Order are considered to be primitive with Botrychium as the most primitive genus and Ophioglossum, the most advanced. Here Botrychium shows pinnatifid, sterile and fertile fronds and Ophioglossum is an example of simple, sterile and fertile fronds. Return to Main Menu Order Ophioglossales

Botrychium virginianum
Botrychium virginianum Botrychium virginianum Fertile fronds arise from sterile fronds. The fronds grow from masses of thick, fleshy roots from a depth of about 1 ft underground. A new frond springs from a withered base of the previous year's frond. This fern grows well in rich woods, moist thickets and swamps where the soil tends to be slightly acid. Return to Main Menu Order Ophioglossales
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Adiantaceae [First Draft]
... crenation indistinct on fertile laminae, under surfaces covered with loose brown multi-cellular villoses. Veins radiate from bases to all sides, multi-dichtomy, visible on bothsides. Fronds herb-greenish after ... pairs of lateral pinnules, alternate, obliquely upwards, stalks ca 3 mm long; uliemate pinnules of fertile fronds 5-9 x 8-11 mm, subrounded, inner and lower margines straight and entire, ...

Athyriaceae [First Draft]
... , sparsely clothed with brownish broadly ovate membranous scales, more densely scaly at apex. Fronds distant; fertile fronds 10--30 cm; stipes 6--17 cm, brown or chestnut-coloured at base, ... Ching, pro parte. Rhizomes slender, creeping, sparsely clothed with brownish ovato-lanceolate scales. Fronds distant; fertile fronds 20--30 cm; stipes (10--)12--20 cm, stramineous, slim and fragile, sparsely ...
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Display Glasshouse - ANBG
... litter provides the fern with nutrients as it rots. The fertile fronds are narrower and more divided and have large patches of spores ... areas. Note the finger-like projections bearing spores on the fertile leaflets. Each climbing ‘branch’ is in fact just one leaf! [photo ... tight basket of special dry oak-leaf like fronds and long graceful arching fronds that bear the spores. [photo] 11. Ant Plants ( ...

Hardy Ferns:
... to 36" Deciduous/Evergreen: Evergreen Fronds: Tufted circular clump of stiff, deep green fronds; blade is once-pinnate, lance shaped broadest at the base; fertile fronds are taller, more rigid, more erect, constricted at tip and die in winter; sterile fronds are smaller ...

Hardy Ferns:
... 4-9 Height: 24 to 48" Deciduous/Evergreen: Deciduous Fronds: Circular cluster of arching fronds; sterile fronds are lanceolate, pinnate-pinnatified with dense rusty hairs beneath base of each pinna; pinna are narrow, lance shaped, pointed, deeply cut and nearly opposite; bright cinnamon colored fertile fronds ...
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University of Florida Herbarium Digital Image Search
... fertile frond) FLAS P29222 Polypodiaceae Adiantum melanoleucum fragrant maidenhair sheet (fertile fronds) FLAS P29252 Polypodiaceae Adiantum melanoleucum fragrant maidenhair sheet (fertile fronds ...

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