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fern dryopteris

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PSS123 Ferns, outdoor
... trichomanes Lady Fern Athyrium filix-femina Japanese Painted Fern Athyrium nipponicum var. pictum Hay-scented Fern Dennsteadtia punctilobula Leather Wood Fern Dryopteris marginalis Ostrich Fern Matteuccia struthiopteris Sensitive Fern Onoclea sensibilis Cinnamon Fern Osmunda cinnamomea Christmas Fern Polystichum acrostichoides ...

Local Flora: Ferns and Fern Allies
... fern Adiantum capillus-veneris maidenhair fern Asplenium platyneuron ebony spleenwort Athyrium filix-femina lady fern Azolla caroliniana mosquito fern Botrychium biternatum southern grape fern Botrychium virginianum rattlesnake fern Dryopteris ludoviciana florida shield fern ...

Dryopteris spinulosa
Dryopteris spinulosa Dryopteris spinulosa Several varieties of this fern are closely related. The fronds are hardy and survive transplanting well. Return to Main Menu Order Filicales

Ferns and Fern Allies (Pteridophytes) that are rare, threatened, or endangered in New Jersey. Fund for Roosevelt, Inc. Monmouth County.
... panhandle" of Monmouth County---derived from Montgomery and Fairbrothers [1992. New Jersey ferns and fern allies. (Rutgers Univ. Press, New Brunswick)]. The reader may also find of interest ... & Delaware R. valley Dryopteris celsa Uncertain status NE New Jersey Equisetum pratense Endangered N New Jersey Equisetum variegatum Endangered N New Jersey Gymnocarpium dryopteris Threatened NW New Jersey ...

Ferns and Fern Allies not yet collected in Roosevelt, but known to have occurred in the southwest panhandle of Monmouth County or in adjacent regions. Fund for Roosevelt, Inc.
... of Monmouth County or in adjacent regions. Fund for Roosevelt, Inc. Ferns and Fern Allies not yet Collected in Roosevelt, but Known to have Occurred in ... [1992. New Jersey Ferns and Fern Allies (Rutgers Univ. Press, New Brunswick)] Azolla caroliniana (occasionally introduced) Botrychium lanceolatum subsp. angustisegmentum Botrychium matricariifolium Dryopteris cristata Equisetum fluviale Equisetum ...
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Paghat's Garden: Dryopteris erythrosora
... : Dryopteris erythrosora Autumn Fern; aka, Japanese Red Shield Fern "Pan, blow your pipes & I will be Your fern, your pool, your dream, your tree!" -Leonora Speyer 1872-1956 The Autumn Fern (Dryopteris erythrosora) is native of Japan & China. The genus name Dryopteris means "Oak fern" of ...

Paghat's Garden: Dryopteris wallichiana
... Dryopteris wallichiana Wallich's Wood Fern "O'ergrown with bramble bushes, furze & thorn: That road a narrow path shut in by ferns." -Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) We planted Wallich's Wood Fern (Dryopteris ... the garden. I would count Wallich's wood fern, Japanese tassel fern, & the western sword fern among the most perfect beauties. This is a widely distributed fern around the globe, mainly in cloud ...
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Dryopteris - wood fern, male fern
... Dryopteris - wood fern, male fern | home | | hostas | | perennials | | tools, books, & gifts | | FAQ | | nursery | | journal | | gardening forums | Dryopteris. Wood fern, shield fern, male fern. - Light: Part sun to full shade Soil: ... naturalize on their own from spores. Zones 5 - 8. Dryopteris erythrosora, autumn fern. (18 - 24") This fern is known for its colorful new growth, resembling the ...

San Diego Fern Society Fern Catalog
... semi-tropical; Terrestrial] 9B Dryopteris cycadina Shaggy Shield Fern. India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand. This fern is also found as Dryopteris atrata. Known as a shaggy fern because of the long ... tropical; Terrestrial] 10B Dryopteris koidsumiana No Common Name. Japan. This is a beautiful little plant with red new fronds which looks a lot like the Autumn Fern, Dryopteris erythrosora. These ...

Alpine Water Fern = Blechnum penna-marina
... Fern = Dicksonia squarrosa Royal Fern = Osmunda regalis Rusty-Back Fern = Asplenium ceterach S Scaly Male Fern = Dryopteris affinis Scollie = Asplenium scolopendrium Scott's Spleenwort = Asplenosorus ebenoides Sensitive Fern = Onoclea sensibilis Shaggy Shield Fern = Dryopteris cycadina Shoestring Fern ...
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