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female cone

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Walchiostrobus (female cone)
Walchiostrobus (female cone) Back Walchiostrobus Length 4 cms This is the name of the female cones of Walchia-like conifers. These cones are composed of one or more 'dwarfshoots' bearing each a fertile scale with a ovule or seed. The cones are attached to the axis with a little stalk and they are more or less upright. Walchiostrobus Length 5 cms

Effects of gibberellin A4 + 7 and bark-ringing on cone initiation in mature Picea sitchensis grafts
... 7 in June initiated female and male cones in the same year. This treatment increased the number of female cones per plant 12- ... controls, more than doubling the percentage of cones that were female. Complete bark-ringing (done in May of the previous year) ... number of female cones formed, but a negative interaction on the number of male cones induced. Ringing promoted male cone production most when ...

Practical - Gymnosperms
... also a male cone, a 1st year (young) female cone and a 2nd year (immature) female cone. Male pine cones 1st year female pine cones 2nd year immature female pine cones 2nd year mature female pine cones SUMMARY ... of immature 1st year Pinus cone (vii) Gross morphology of maturing 2nd year Pinus cone (viii) T.S. Pinus needle/leaf (ix) W.M. Pinus pollen (x) L.S. Pinus female cone (map diagram)

The Pines
... by the wind to a female cone. prothallial cell generative cell tube cell air bladder Biodisc photomicrograph Female reproductive organs Biodisc photomicrograph The female cone (megastrobilus) is a spiral ... female cone L.S. ovuliferous scale . 1st year female pine cones 2nd year immature female pine cones 2nd year mature female pine cones In the temperate regions, it takes a full 2 years for female ...
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Cycads UW Aberystwyth Botanic Gardens
... or palms by the pollen cones (male) or larger seed cones (female), which are produced at the apex of the stem in most ... denisonii. The big Cycas revoluta in the Tropical Glasshouse is female - its cone consists of a rosette of sporophylls that slowly open to reveal ... male cone (note the white pollen) can be seen on the right on the Southern African cycad Encephalartos bartii and the female cone in the ...

Arnold Arboretum - Self-guided conifer tour
... numerous in the lower portion of the tree, shed clouds of pollen in the fall. Female cones are located in the upper portion of the tree. This tree’s open-growth ... grow 2 1/2 feet per year, but growth slows over time. Separate male and female cone-like structures appear in spring along with the bright green newly emerging foliage. Although Larix ...

UGA Plant Biology | Greenhouses | Non-Flowering Plants
... and female cone click for larger photo Nine year old W. mirabilis with female ... female cone with two whorls of old megasporophylls still attached click for larger photo Trunk and cone of male Cycas in foreground with female Cycas in center click for larger photo Same C. wadei with new leaves emerging click for larger photo A closer look at the female cone ...

More Information - Careers in Botany, Science Education and Outreach
... information about botany as a discipline and as a career from the following: Back Cover: Female cone of the cycad Cycas rumphi. Each leaf-like sporophyll bears a row of seeds along ...

Gymnosperms for lab
... 2) Male - staminate cone. (1, 2) Female - ovulate cone (1, 2, ); archegone; ovule, l.s., embryo; mature embryo. Specimens - life history set; male cones; female cones; seeds. Ephedra (1, 2,3, ) Female strobili, male ... 4, 5 (Female inflorescence) 6) Gnetum (1, 2, 3,4, ) Pinus Male - entire strobilus (1, 2 ); staminate strobilus (1, 2, 3, 4,) ; pollen ( 1 ), w.m.; pollen tubes. Female - cone (young 1, ...

Cycad Society of South Africa: Book Reviews
... smaller colour photographs for each species Illustrations: Colour illustrations of leaves and male and female cone scales for each species Maps: Continent and Country maps for each species Publisher: D ... Africa - Douglas Goode Size: (Hardcover) Pages: Illustrations: Colour illustrations of leaves and male and female cone scales for each species Publisher: Price: Out of print, but still available in ...

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