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featuring glass

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Arborsmith Press
... even if they were lost. Instead, he's gone to them. He grows living chairs, glass topped tables, footstools, trellises and any number of artistic sculptures in large containers that he ... says. Thirty years ago, Erlandson created "The Tree Circus," a tourist attraction Scotts Valley, Calif., featuring all of his work. Reames has done an incredible task of rediscovering Erlandson's secrets ...

Arborsmith Studios- Growing trees into forests of ideas.
... roadside attracton in Californa in 1947 called the Tree Circus, featuring his shaped trees. Buy my new book now ! for shipping ... property, details here. 2 Poplar trees (populus sp.) with stained glass. Two trees grafted togther This sort of simple arborsculpture is ... , artistic abstract shapes. The trees can even grow to hold stained glass or other objects. Anything is possible. To insure the proper ...