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family lamiaceae perennial

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February 2006
... are pickled, GRAS as spice, seasoning, flavoring Ocimum selloi Green Pepper Basil, Family Lamiaceae Perennial, hardy in zone 9, native to South America Small shrub to 3 ... Family Lamiaceae Perennial, low growing, tropical shrub of unknown hardiness native to Africa Marvelous lemon flavor is useful in cooking AN UNDERUTILIZED ANNUAL TO GROW DURING AUSTIN WINTERS Anthriscus cerefolium Chervil, Family ...

January 2006
... for hardy herbs that seem to be underutilized in Austin. Calamintha nepeta Lesser Calamint; Family Lamiaceae Perennial, hardy to zone 5, native to Southwest and South Central Europe Grows to 18 ... Society of America Promising Plant! Mentha longifolia ‘Habak’ Habak Mint, Habek Mint, Bible Mint; Family Lamiaceae Perennial, hardy to zone 6, native to Europe, Western Asia, Central Russia Creeping plant to ...
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Growing, Selecting And Using Basil, HYG-1644-94
... mint and clove. Basil is an annual herb belonging to the mint family, Lamiaceae (Labiatae) and like others in this family, basil can be identified by its square, hairy stems. There are over ... a perennial in those warm, tropical climates. With so many attributes it isn't any wonder that basil has become increasingly popular over the years. Being a member of the mint family ...

... Ocimum Ocimum (ah-ci-mum') Common name: Common Basil, Sweet Basil Family: Lamiaceae, Mint Height x width: 6-18" x 6-18" Growth rate: moderate Foliage: opposite, ˝-2" ... . Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course. Return to Perry's Perennial Pages | HGPO course | PSS123 course

... Lavandula Lavandula (la-van' due-lah) Common name: Lavender Family: Lamiaceae, Mint Height x width: 12-24" x 12-18" Growth rate: moderate to slow Foliage: ... , violet flowers, hybrid of important French commercial strains lanata (la-nah' tah)--Wooly Lavender, tender perennial, long spikes of bright purple flowers, dense white woolly leaves scented of balsamic-lavender latifolia ...
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Vegetative Terminology (Part 1)
... II by S. Facciola (Kampong Publications, 1998), boiled plants of Mesona chinensis in the mint family (Lamiaceae) are also made into cubes of grass jelly. In fact, cans of grass jelly often ... that typically produces roots at the nodes where leaves and stems arise. This very invasive, perennial grass also produces creeping, underground stems called rhizomes. Another plant that spreads by means of ...

Leaf Terminology (Part 2)
... leaves of the mint family (Lamiaceae) Glabrous: Without hairs of any kind. Pubescent: With a hairy surface--there are many kinds of hairiness: Note: In the goosefoot family (Chenopodiaceae), many species ... Annual grasses (including many weedy grasses in San Diego County) die following their blooming cycle. Perennial grases die back to the rhizome and resprout the following year. The structure and ...
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Lion's Ear
... Lion's Ear Lion's Ear Family: Lamiaceae, sometimes called Labiatae (Mint family) Genus: Leonotis Species: leonurus I think it’s safe to say we all agree that ... sometimes as lion’s tail!—is Leonotis leonurus. It is an interesting, mid-sized perennial shrub with either white or orange flowers grouped dramatically along upright stems. With its exotic ...

Hyssopus officinalis
... Hyssopus officinalis Hyssop Family:Lamiaceae, formerly Labiatae (Mint Family) Genus: Hyssopus Species: officinalis Every year at about this time, when I’m on the ... . Which brings me to the humble hyssop. Native to Asia Minor and the Mediterranean, this perennial has had roles in culinary, medicinal, and ceremonial productions for many centuries. It’s been ...
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... · Haloragaceae · Hippocastanaceae · Hydrophyllaceae · Hypericaceae · Juglandaceae · Lamiaceae · Lauraceae · Limnanthaceae · Linaceae · Loasaceae · Lythraceae · Malvaceae · Molluginaceae · Oleaceae · Onagraceae · Orobanchaceae Lamiaceae Mint Family Please click ... of Europe. *Marrubium vulgare. {++} WHITE HOREHOUND. COMMON HOREHOUND. Perennial. Bl Apr-Nov. Trailsides, horse camps, creekbeds and ...

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