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facing dark

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August - September 2003 Newsletter
... roses are later arranged. Put the pail of roses in a cool, dark place, like a protected patio where the roses can spend the night ... won't be as effective as the overnight hardening in a cool, dark place, but it will help to give longer life to the roses. ... in direct sunlight. I have had success locating them on a north-facing windowsill, outdoors under the shade of a dense tree, or under florescent ...

Doug's Way With Roses
... ". Each pruning cut should be made about 1/4" above an outward facing bud eye, and made on a 45 degree angle with the ... sprawling, low grower, it might be preferable to prune to an inward-facing eye. If the pruning cut reveals a brown center (pith), the cane ... green foliage and one (1) teaspoon of chelated iron (330 Fe) for dark green foliage color. Organic feeding is gaining in popularity, and Mother ...