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fabric softeners

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Microfibers: Functional Beauty, HYG-5546-96
... and maneuver around within the yarns in a fabric allowing the fabric to flow and drape freely, yet still possess ... Supplex Microfiber (nylon) Tactel Micro (nylon) Silky Touch (nylon) Microsupreme (acrylic) Fabric manufacturers also use trade names for microfiber fabrics. They include ... systems are turned on and the humidity is low. Fabric softeners in the rinse cycle of the washing machine may ...

Ask Natural Life: Are Soft Clothes Really Worth It? - Natural Life Magazine July/August 2006
... in clothes dryers, making dryer sheets worse than liquid softeners. And, of course, dryers exhaust the toxic fumes into neighborhood air. Because fabric softeners are made to stay in your clothing, the ... reaction is responsible, so fabric softener, with its many chemical components, shouldn’t be ruled out as a possible cause. To make problem worse, most fabric softeners have fragrance added to ...

Open Directory - Business: Chemicals: Cleaning Agents and Toiletries
... C.V. - Manufacturers of cleaning agents, enzymes, desizing agents, dye auxilliaries and softeners. English or Spanish language site. Purochem, Inc. - Manufacturer and marketer serving the ... disinfectants, sanitizers, glass cleaners, laundry and floor care products. - Producer of fabric, furniture and mattress protection products. Also offers a leather cleaner and conditioner. ...