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evergreen vine

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What plants are good for narrow privacy hedges/screens? - California Gardening
... put up a trellis and cover it with a well behaved evergreen vine like Trachelospermum jasminoides, Solanum jasminoides or Hardenbergia violacea. Another option is ... (and most labor intensive) option is to plant a row of evergreen shrubs and keep it sheared to the width desired. Keep in ... depend on the growth rate of the plant. I have an evergreen privet hedge (one of the fastest growers) that needs to ...

Winter Garden Forum - GardenWeb
... 19:55 1 follow-up, posted on Thu, Nov 9, 06 at 16:19 Evergreen vines for zone 5a in Iowa. Posted by: floyddog 5a Iowa on Sun, ... by: LisaBC NM Z5 HeatZn5 on Sun, Jul 24, 05 at 20:36 Winter evergreen perennials Posted by: NoNews Zone 7 NC on Sun, Jan 11, 04 at 20 ... 5 follow-ups, last one posted on Fri, Aug 11, 06 at 14:18 evergreen vine for fence Posted by: partlysunnyday 7 on Thu, Apr 13, 06 at 19:09 ...

Vines Forum - GardenWeb
... Posted by: gardenlady48 z5 IL on Wed, May 24, 06 at 15:21 Canary vine??? Posted by: wormmainea 5a on Mon, May 22, 06 at 13:51 Dutchmans ... Posted by: mje769 z5 NE. on Sun, May 21, 06 at 1:42 Evergreen vine for Zone 6b? Posted by: fasare z6/7MD on Sun, May 14, 06 ... vines? Posted by: tangerine_z6 RI on Thu, May 18, 06 at 17:32 What vine do you suggest for a large pergola? Posted by: blokessheila z5 OH on ...
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Other plants 6
... in summer. Taraxacum platycarpum Family: Compositae Japanese name: KANTOO TANPOPO Plant type: evergreen perennial, with its leaves covering the ground Habitat: grasslands. Blooming season: March-May ... in recent years. Trachelospermum asiaticum Family: Apocynaceae Japanese name: TEIKAKAZURA Plant type: evergreen vine tree Habitat: mountainous areas Blooming season: May-June Height: 5-10m This ...

Okinawan Plants
... subtropical areas (including South China, Taiwan and Philippine). Epipremnum pinnatum (Araceae) is an evergreen vine. It is sometimes appreciated as an ornamental foliage plant. Cyathea lepifera Epipremnum ... riverside (humid place) in mountains. Alocasia odora Dipteris conjugata Mussaende parviflora is an evergreen tree. It has yellow flowers with beautiful white leaves. Begonia fencis grows ...
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Vine Jasminum Polyanthum
Vine Jasminum Polyanthum jasminum Polyanthum Sometimes referred to as Florist's jasmine, Pink jasmine or chinese jasmine. This vigorous evergreen vine requires a frost free location. Pink flushed white flowers are incredibly fragrant and can be enjoyed from early spring through mid summer. Prune to shape after flowering. Zone 8

Vine Lonicera japonica Halliana
... Vine Lonicera japonica Halliana Lonicera japonica Halliana This quick growing evergreen vine is a good choice for fences or areas where it can be left to ramble. It also makes a good evergreen screen ...
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Antigonon leptopus - Coral Vine - Polygonaceae
... Vine - Polygonaceae Antigonon leptopus Coral Vine Polygonaceae Antigonon leptopus, or Coral Vine, is a native of Mexico. It is a fast growing, evergreen vine, ... Evergreen "Silver King" Chinese Evergreen Chocolate Plant Christmas Cactus Christmas Kalanchoe Climbing Fern Climbing Pandanus Common Guava Common Horsetail Common Staghorn Fern Common Ginger Congo Fig Contra Heirba Coral Plant Coral Vine ... - Arrowhead Vine (Syngonium podophyllum), Nephthytis, Goosefoot plant, African evergreen, Trileaf wonder
... Vine (Syngonium podophyllum), Nephthytis, Goosefoot plant, African evergreen, Trileaf wonder House Plant Guide Arrowhead Vine (Syngonium podophyllum) Other common Names Nephthytis, Goosefoot plant, African evergreen, Trileaf wonder ... /A Description Originating from Central America, the Arrowhead vine has large arrow shaped leaves. Young Arrowhead vine plants will grow upright, but as the plant ...

Floridata: Vine List
... evergreen clematis Clematis terniflora sweet autumn clematis, autumn clematis, Japanese clematis Clematis X jackmanii Jackman clematis, hybrid clematis Clerodendrum splendens flaming glorybower Clytostoma callistegioides violet trumpet vine, painted trumpet, Argentine trumpet vine ...

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