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ASGAP: The Australian Heath Family
... Australian heaths are members of a number of different genera, the best known being Epacris. The family is mainly Australian in origin but can be found elsewhere in the Southern hemisphere. Background Propagation Cultivation Selected Species Study Groups Further Information Epacris from Seed Plant Guide ASGAP Home Search this site! powered by FreeFind Advanced searching ...

Bush Fuchsia Epacris longiflora
... Bush_Fuchsia-Epacris_longiflora 3e version - April 2004 Epacris longifolia To Dutch version Bush Fuchsia or Fuchsia Heath . One of the 40 Epacris species is Epacris longifolia, that has as common name Bush Fuchsia or ... on the website in German language of Cybergarten: . 'Gelderse Fuchsia Info-site'- June 2001

Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants - Study Groups
... allied genera (in recess) Brachychiton and allied genera Calytrix Container Plants Correa Daisy (Australian) Dryandra Epacris Eremophila Eucalyptus Fabaceae Fern Food Plants (Australian) Garden Design Grevillea Hakea Hibiscus and related genera ...

Alpine Garden Society
... Elaphoglossum Eleocharis Elgon Elliot Elliott Elmera Elsholtzia Embothrium Eminium Empetrum Empodium Enceliopsis Endymion England Enkianthus Epacris Ephedra Epigaea Epilobium Epimedium Epipactis Epipogium Equisetum Eranthis Eremaea Eremalche Eremophila Eremostachys Eremurus Eria Erica ...

In Flower This Week 17.11.2006
... 191 f] is a shrub of medium height with large yellow ‘drumstick’ flower heads. Epacris longiflora [Section 191f] has bright red flowers tubular flowers with white tips pendent from long ...

Thematic Plan 2002-2008, appendix 1 - ANBG
... 2008 High H 1 135 Aquatic Pond Sterile Tempted to develop an Epacris/Sphagnum/reeds bog, as filtration system. Low H 1 136 Amenity ... Low E 1,2 139 Aquatic Pond Sterile Tempted to develop an Epacris/Sphagnum/reeds bog, as filtration system. Low E 1 140 North ... Med E 1,2 191P Coastal Heathland Centre piece with many colourful Epacris, Boronia, Sowerbaea and wide range of monocots. Planting till 2008 Med ...
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Copper Tree Health Consulting
... child. This Essence is often only needed for one week. $12.25 CAD Bush Fuchsia {Epacris longiflora} Positive Outcome: Allows one to integrate information, develops intuition. Negative Condition: Inability to balance ...

Fuchsia Grevillea, Fuchsia Gum en andere 'onechte' fuchsias
... orTasmanian Fuchsia - Correa backhouseana g. Tree Fuchsia - Schotia brachypetala h. Bush Fuchsia or Fuchsia Heath - Epacris longiflora j. Fuchsia Flowered Goosberry - Ribes speciosum 'Gelderse Fuchsia Info-site'- June 2001

Pollen and Spore Images Anthophyta
... Cyathodes Epacridaceae ANU Cyathodes parvifolia Epacridaceae NSW Dracophyllum Epacridaceae ANU Epacris Epacridaceae ANU Epacris microphylla Epacridaceae NSW Epacris obtusifolia Epacridaceae NSW Epacris pulchella Epacridaceae NSW Epacris serpyllifolia Epacridaceae NSW Leucopogon Epacridaceae ANU Leucopogon ericoides Epacridaceae ...

Catalog for ANU Pollen Collection
... EPACRIDACEAE Acrotriche Epacridaceae Andersonia Epacridaceae Archeria Epacridaceae Astroloma Epacridaceae Brachyloma Epacridaceae Cyathodes Epacridaceae Dracophyllum Epacridaceae Epacris Epacridaceae Leucopogon Epacridaceae Lissanthe Epacridaceae Lysinema Epacridaceae Monotoca Epacridaceae Needhamiella Epacridaceae Pentachondra Epacridaceae Richea Epacridaceae ...
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