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Embothrium coccineum Forst. & Forst.f.
... coccineum Forst. & Forst.f. Embothrium coccineum Forst. & Forst.f. Proteaceae Evergreen (some forms are also deciduous) small tree up to 10-15 m high. Leaves alternate, entire, very variable in shape ... be the hardier. Home: Chile Other views: None Cultivated: France Author: Frdric Tournay Not found! Ethnobotanical aspects of Embothrium coccineum by Plants for a future database Back to the plant list ...

Tree Waratah
... - Bellenden Kerr Range, Barren River. Flowers in corymbs at the ends of the branchlets or in the leaf axils". Alloxylon flammeum Illustration: Cecily Daniels Comprehensive Catalogue of Queensland Plants 1909. "Embothrium wickhamii. Red Silky Oak". I came on the botanical scene in the 1950s at Springbrook and my specimen of a red flowered tree, locally called Queensland waratah or tree waratah, was ...

Alpine Garden Society
... Echinospartum Echium Ecuador Edgworthia Edinburgh Editorials Edraianthus Eduardoregelia Eelworms Egypt Eire Elaeagnus Elaeocarpus Elaphoglossum Eleocharis Elgon Elliot Elliott Elmera Elsholtzia Embothrium Eminium Empetrum Empodium Enceliopsis Endymion England Enkianthus Epacris Ephedra Epigaea Epilobium Epimedium Epipactis Epipogium Equisetum Eranthis Eremaea Eremalche Eremophila Eremostachys ...

The Plant Kaleidoscope
... . Dipteronia sinensis Oliv. Distylium racemosum Sieb & Zucc. Dodonaea viscosa Jacq. Dregea sinensis Hemsl. Drimys lanceolata (Poir.) Baill. E Top Edgeworthia chrysantha Lindl. Elsholtzia stauntonii Willd. Embothrium coccineum Forst. & Forst.f. Ercilla volubilis Juss. Euptelea pleiosperma Hook. f. et Thomson Eucryphia lucida (Labill.) Baill. Exochorda serratifolia S. Moore F Top Fagus sylvatica L. ...

Catalogue 1
... to clamber through open shrubs. In Summer it carries small orange/red trumpet flowers in profusion. When it is happy, it self-seeds liberally. Ordinary garden soil. Embothrium coccineum Chilean Flame Tree € Escallonia macrantha € Eucalyptus dalrympleana € Eucalyptus glaucescens Tingiringi Gum € Eucalyptus parvifolia € Eucalyptus perriniana Spinning Gum € Medium evergreen tree. Height up to 30ft. ...

Pollen and Spore Images Lycophyta
... Carnarvonia Proteaceae ANU Cenarrhenea Proteaceae ANU Conospermum Proteaceae ANU Conospermum ericifolium Proteaceae NSW Conospermum taxifolium Proteaceae NSW Darlingia Proteaceae ANU Dryandra Proteaceae ANU Embothrium coccineum Proteaceae LM Uppsala Finschia Proteaceae ANU Franklandia Proteaceae ANU Gevuina avellana Proteaceae LM Uppsala Grevillea Proteaceae ANU Grevillea robusta Proteaceae NSW ...

Pollen Grain Illustrations on the Internet Uppsala University Light Micrography
... LM S.Haberle Escallonia rosea Grossulariaceae LM S.Haberle Luma apiculata Myrtaceae LM S.Haberle Ugni molinae Myrtaceae LM S.Haberle Tepualia stipularis Myrtaceae LM S.Haberle Gevuina avellana Proteaceae LM S.Haberle Lomatia ferruginea Proteaceae LM S.Haberle Embothrium coccineum Proteaceae LM S.Haberle Drimys winteri var. chilensis Winteraceae LM S.Haberle UofA Palynology Owen Davis 5/99
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RBGE: Seasonal Highlights
... . Summer Late-flowering Rhododendron griersonianum and R. auriculatum continue to show off the genus at its best. The flowers on Chilean shrubs such as Crinodendron hookerianum, Desfontainea spinosa and Embothrium coccineum are at their best in summer. Autumn Examples of wonderful autumn colour include - Cercidiphyllum japonicum by the pond, Sorbus species on the hill, and Parrotia persica. The ...

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: Visitor Information
... Spring bedding in the Pleasaunce. Rhododendrons in Westwood Valley. May: Bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) in Horsebridge Wood. Rhododendrons and early wild flowers in Westwood Valley. Herbaceous plantings in the Water Garden. Chilean fire bush (Embothrium coccineum) in the Southern Hemisphere Garden. Spring Summer Autumn Winter Home | Visitor Info | Visiting Kew | Visiting Wakehurst Place |

RBGE: Features of Logan Botanic Garden
... , Callistemon and Fuchsia. The highest area of the Woodland Garden is planted with recent introductions from RBGE expeditions to Chile, such as species of Drimys, Crinodendron, Berberis, Embothrium, Desfontainea, Eucryphia and Lobelia. The Discovery Centre Information about the work of Logan Botanic Garden and the other National Botanic Gardens of Scotland is displayed here. Facilities include a ...

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