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elm trees

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... All about elm trees and elm tree care. Home | Elm Care Products | Register your Elm | Forum Last Update 04/03/05 How Trees Work About Elm Trees Caring for Your Elm Elm Tree Diseases Elm Tree Links Quick Elm Facts Visit for all of your tree and shrub care needs Customized Elm Tree ... Trees: Species: Elm Trees
... Directory Sign Up for the TreeHelp Newsletter! Home > Trees > Species Info > Elm Trees Until the arrival of the Dutch elm disease, the beautiful elm was used as a landscape tree throughout the ... the Elm Section Elm Home Soil Improvement Fertilizing Care Tips Types of Elm Insects & Diseases Register Your Elm CARE PRODUCTS FOR ELM TREES Flat-rate shipping Shipping is free on orders over $100 Elm ...

"Banister Trees" Living Sculpture by Dan Ladd
"Banister Trees" Living Sculpture by Dan Ladd Banister Trees Project in progress, DeCordova and Dana Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, Mass. Eleven American Liberty Elm trees each grafted to the next up the hillside. Aproximately 57 ft. long.

"Trees Wrap A Cube" Living Sculpture by Dan Ladd
"Trees Wrap A Cube" Living Sculpture by Dan Ladd Trees Wrap a Cube Project in progress Four American Liberty Elm trees. Dimensions variable. Private estate commission.
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The Threat of Dutch Elm Disease
... trees and would be relatively harmless, like many other disease organisms. Unfortunately for the elm trees, however, North American and European elm bark beetles travel from infected trees where they deposit their eggs to healthy trees ... number and location of elm trees in the province. Almost every town in Saskatchewan has elm trees, but we have no way of knowing how many trees there are, or exactly ...

Diseases of the Elm Tree (Part 2)
... the Elm Tree (Part 2) GardenLine | Trees and Shrubs | Diseases of the Elm Tree (Part 2) Russell Friesen Most people are aware of the possibly catastrophic situation faced by the many thousands of elm trees that presently line the streets of Saskatchewan's towns and cities. The arrival of Dutch elm disease in Saskatchewan poses a threat to each and every elm tree in ...
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How Trees Work
... Elm | Forum Home > How Trees Work Last Update 30/08/00 How Trees Work Types of Trees Important Facts Structure of a Tree How Trees Breathe How Trees Drink About Elm Trees Caring for Your Elm Elm Tree Diseases Elm ...

Questions On Elm
... elm trees that I would like to see continue growing. Does Dutch elm disease affect these trees too? (Montrose, S.D.) A: Yes, they will likely be vulnerable to Dutch elm disease as well. Q: I have lost a substantial number of elm trees ...

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... elm tree, Ulmus americana. Includes information about Dutch elm disease and the American Liberty elm, a group of cultivars with resistance to this fungal disease. - Devoted to elm trees and elm care with sections dealing with diseases (including Dutch elm disease), new research, tree physiology and other elm-related information. Saskatchewan Dutch Elm Disease ...

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... Trees home | help Top: Home: Gardening: Plants: Trees Organizations This category is for listing clubs, associations, and/or societies who focus on trees. Palms Sites about growing, propagating, or showing photos of palm trees ... . Examples would include (but not be limited to) trees threatened by diseases or pests such as the American Elm and Chestnut. Open Directory Business: Agriculture and ...
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