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elizabeth ingolfsrud

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Ontario Hosta Society:: Winter 2000 Newsletter
... Marion Dorosh, Jean Foss, John Gallagher, Wayne Good, Dave Harper, Linda Hawkins, Virginia Hildebrandt, Elizabeth Ingolfsrud, Mary Ann Robinson and June Brett, John Kee, Don Klamer, Markus Knecht, Stephen Knecht, ... 905-792-1556 Virginia Hildebrandt R.R. # 22Cambridge, Ontario, N3C 2V4Phone: 519-821-4736 Elizabeth Ingolfsrud R.R. # 1Port Burwell, Ontario N0J 1T0Phone: 519-765-1951 Jill Macauley 77 ...

Ontario Hosta Society:: Summer 2000 Newsletter
... those who organized and hosted the tour! ______________________________________________________________________________________________ HIGHLIGHTS OF THE OHS GARDEN TOUR by ELIZABETH INGOLFSRUD 1. A bright sunny day despite storms the night before and early morning clouds. 2 ...
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The Wm. Saunders Rose Society
... (d), "reassigned" should be changed to "re-instated" and add "John F. A. Smith and Elizabeth Ingolfsrud recommended sending letters to the City of London in favour of roses in the ... E-mail delivery of minutes. Everyone who supplied an e-mail address received them except Elizabeth Ingolfsrud. Members were satisfied. 5. New Business a. Membership and membership fees. Motion: "To continue membership ...

The Wm. Saunders Rose Society
... Quarterly Meeting President Steve Elkerton welcomed 23 members and guests including Elizabeth Engolfsrud of R.R.#1 Port Burwell and Elizabeth Helmer of R.R.#6 Tillsonburg, to Rose-A-Lea Gardens ... Canadale’s, St.Thomas in April. A copy was given to Mr.Bulk. h. Ms. Ingolfsrud and Ms.Helmer have joined the society. i. Motion: To thank Harry McGee for his ...
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