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elastically dehiscent

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Angiosperm Families - Acanthaceae Juss.
... latter usually the more aggressive). Embryogeny onagrad, or solanad. Fruit non-fleshy; dehiscent; a capsule. Capsules loculicidal. Fruit elastically dehiscent. Dispersal unit the seed. Seeds non-endospermic; borne on minute, hook-like outgrowths ...

Angiosperm Families - Alstroemeriaceae Dum.
... (sometimes), or non-fleshy; dehiscent (usually, occasionally explosively so), or indehiscent; a capsule (usually), or capsular-indehiscent, or a berry. Capsules when dehiscent, loculicidal. Fruit elastically dehiscent, or passively dehiscent. Seeds endospermic. Endosperm oily. Seeds ...
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Key to Native and Naturalized Genera of Ingeae
... venation of 4 nerves from pulvinule; pod unknown, but presumably plano-compressed and elastically dehiscent through both sutures, the valves straight; known only from the Guianas..............Calliandra ... always strongly compressed laterally, but either a) papery planocompressed, or b) leathery and elastically dehiscent, or c) tardily follicular, or d) indehiscent and incipiently lomentiform, and if ...

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