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drew smith

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Fairy Ring in Lawns
... /636, Agriculture Canada; Plant Industry Branch; March, 1979. Fairy Ring Biology and Control by J. Drew Smith; Turf/Plant Disease 273.630; Agriculture Canada; December, 1978. Fairy Ring in Turf Grasses; Agdex ...

Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology, Volume 26, Number 2, June 2004
... , 2003, La Société canadienne de phytopathologie Pages 231-232 IN MEMORIAM / NÉCROLOGIE Jeffrey Drew Smith, 1922-2003 Pages 233-234 Robert Davies Tinline, 1925-2004 Pages 235-236

Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology, Volume 23, Number 2, June 2001
... .B. Yang Pages 174-180 Abstract Ascochyta phleina causes a patch disease on turfgrass J. Drew Smith, B.D. Gossen, and I. Evans Pages 181-183 Abstract Abstracts, Alberta Regional Meeting, The ...
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CPS-CPDS-Table of Contents-1970
... timed-release pellets for control of common root rot of wheat Pages 80-83 J. DREW SMITH and C.R. ELLIOTT Stem eyespot on introduced Festuca spp. in Alberta and British Columbia ... caused by Godronia cassandrae f. vaccinii Pages 93-94 Volume 50 (3-4), 1970 J. DREW SMITH Resistance of timothy cultivars to Heterosporium phlei, Drechslera phlei, and frost injury Pages 95-98 ...

CPS-CPDS-Table of Contents-1972
... Glomerella cingulata from Alabama-grown tomatoes offered for Sale at Ottawa Page 110 CORRECTIONS J.Drew Smith and C.R. Elliott. Didymella stem eyespot of Festuca spp. in northern Alberta and British ... . CALLBECK Screening of potato fungicides in 1972 Pages 151-152 K..A. PIROZYNSKI and J. DREW SMITH A septoria disease of Koeleria macrantha in Alberta and Saskatchewan Pages 153-155 MICHIO SUZUKI ...
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Street Trees Evaluation Project, Bulletin 877-99
... Trees Evaluation Project, Bulletin 877-99 Street Tree Evaluation Project Bulletin 877-99 Authors Drew Todd and Dan Balser Ohio Department of Natural Resources Davis Sydnor and Jim Chatfield The ... religion, sexual orientation, national origin, gender, age, disability or Vietnam-era veteran status. Keith L. Smith, Associate Vice President for Ag. Adm. and Director, OSU Extension. TDD No. 800-589-8292 ...

... philosophers; the democratic principles of Thomas Jefferson; the free-market liberalism of Adam Smith; and the romanticism of his German friends Goethe and Schiller. His interests were eclectic ... At every point Humboldt tirelessly measured, collected, surveyed, took readings, notated, mapped, sounded, and drew landscapes. At every turn he sought positive knowledge with that special Cartesian craving ... archives and manuscript collections
... Institutional Records MATZKE, EDWIN BERNARD (1902-1969) Personal Papers (1915-1969) MERRILL, ELMER DREW (1876-1956) Institutional Records (1919-1958) Personal Papers (1902-1958) MITTEN, WILLIAM ( ... Personal Papers (1881-1932) SMALL, JOHN KUNKEL (1869-1938) Institutional Records (1892-1938) SMITH, GARY LANE (1939- ) Institutional Records (1969-1976) STEERE, WILLIAM CAMPBELL (1907-1988) Institutional ...

Charlotte's Daylily Diary
... 06 KY Foxhaven Daylily Farm (Dave Bowman) FL Frank Smith Daylilies (Frank Smith)9/24/06 OR Gail Austin Gdn Perennials (Gail & ... Farm (Becky Hutchins) GA Misty Valley Farm (Laura St.Onge & Drew Litzenberger) OH Moldovan's Gardens (Roy Woodhall & the late ... (Larry, Paulette & Michael Miller) 10/02/06 MI Smith Daylilies (Gerald & Kristin Smith) OR Snowpeak Iris and Daylilies (Denise Stewart) WI Solaris ...

Alpine Garden Society
... Society - Mrs C J McGregor Officers 2006/2007 President F TINDALL Treasurer PROF C J SMITH CBE Director of Publications PROF J E GOOD OBE Director of Shows J J MCGREGOR ... To be appointed Hon. Assistant Directors of Shows MRS R B WALLIS G MAWSON R DREW Co-Ordinator of the Panel of Experts: Mrs M F Randall Holding Trustees: R J ...

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