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Alpine Garden Society
... Genus, G.F.Smith & D.B. Lowe Your price: £25.95 (Members' price: £17.95) Dionysia - The Genus, Christopher Grey-Wilson Your price: £15.95 (Members' price: £7.95) Encyclopaedia of ...

Alpine Garden Society
... , and made a fascinating exhibit, for all that, it was worsted in competition by Dionysia iranshahrii, a compact, lilacpink representative of the torrent of Iranian species introduced within the ... olivieri subsp. balansae ‘Chocolate Soldier’, A. Edwards; Daphne blagayana ‘Brenda Anderson’, Mrs K.N. Dryden; Dionysia ‘Emmely’ and D. viscidula x freitagii EGW MK91/4, P. & G. Ranson; Fritillaria aurea, ...
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HORTICOPIA® Plant Information
... Dicliptera Dicranostigma Dictamnus Dictyosperma Didelta Dieffenbachia Dierama Diervilla Dietes Digitalis Digitaria Dillenia Dimocarpus Dimorphotheca Dionaea Dionysia Dioon Diospyros Dipholis Diphylleia Diplarrhena Diplazium Dipsacus Disa Disanthus Disporopsis Disporum Dodecatheon Dodonaea Dombeya Doronicum ...

Rock Garden Plant Database
... Diascia Dicentra Dichocarpum Dichosciadium Dichrophyllum Diclis Dicoma Dicranostigma Dictamnus Dictyolimon Didymocarpus Didymophysa Digitalis Dilophia Dimorphosciadium Dionysia Diplactis Diplacus Diplarche Diplazoptilon Dipoma Next page Version 3.0 (c) 1990-2005 RNDr. Pavel ...

Rock Garden Plant Database
Rock Garden Plant Database Rock garden plants Family PRIMULACEAE Genus of PRIMULACEAE Anagallis Androsace Bryocarpum Coris Cortusa Cyclamen Dionysia Dodecatheon Douglasia Lysimachia Pomatosace Primula Samolus Soldanella Trientalis Vitaliana Version 3.0 (c) 1990-2005 RNDr. Pavel Slabý
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NARGS: Links
... Society American Primrose Society The Androsace Group The North American Heather Society Private Ownership Codonopsis Dionysia Gentians Saxifrages Societies: Native Plants Arizona Native Plant Society California Native Plant Society New England ...

NARGS: Plant of the Month: April 2004
... -1762), a botanist in Turin Italy. The family includes the mouth watering genera: Androsace, Cyclamen, Dionysia, Dodecatheon, Douglasia, Primula, Soldanella, the lonely Vitaliana and some other garden friendly plants. V. primuliflora ...
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RBGE: Alpines at Edinburgh
... spring the Alpine House and its surrounding area are full of vibrant colour from Draba, Dionysia and Androsace. Bulbs such as Cyclamen, Fritillaria and tulips also thrive, as do primulas, gentians ...

Open Directory - Home: Gardening: Plants: Alpines
... reports, lectures, photo gallery, and seed-starting information. The Genus Dionysia - Photo galleries with some background information about several species of dionysia, found during a trip through Iran and Oman. My Rockgarden ...

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