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davalliaceae draft

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Flora of China Newsletter
... botanical activities in China. Volumes Publication of Volumes Upcoming Volumes Draft Manuscripts Available Online Family Sequence Related Papers Net Connections eFloras ... Davalliaceae-Thelypteridaceae), 3 (Blechnaceae-Azollaceae), and 1 (Psilotaceae-Lindsaeaceae). The illustration volumes are published in the same sequence soon after their respective text volumes. Draft Manuscripts Online Draft ...

... DAVALLIACEAE [Draft] DAVALLIACEAE [Draft] 骨碎补科  gu shui bu ke Xing Fuwu (Ch), Wang Faguo (Ch)*, ... . Gansu, Sichuan, Yunnan, [India (Darjeeling, Manipur, Assam), Nepal, Sikkim]. Note. In my paper Notes on Davalliaceae I (Blumea 37 (1992) 175) I reduced Paradavallodes kansuense Ching to Araiostegia pulchra on basis ...
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