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cycas clivicola

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Cycas clivicola
Cycas clivicola Photo Ken Hill The Cycad Pages Cycas clivicola Cycas clivicola K.D. Hill, Brittonia 51(1): 62-63, fig. 8a-d,g-h (1999). H ... . Male sporophylls less than 25 mm long -- A. subsp. clivicola Male sporophylls more than 25 mm long -- B. subsp. lutea A. Cycas clivicola subsp. clivicola Distinguishing features: the smooth trunks and relatively small male ...

Cycad International : Cycad Growers & Exporters : Katherine NT Australia
... Cycas Cycas angulata Cycas arenicola Cycas armstrongii Cycas arnhemica Cycas arnhemica arnhemica Cycas arnhemica muninga Cycas basaltica Cycas bougainvilleana Cycas brunnea Cycas cairnsiana Cycas calcicola Cycas canalis Cycas canalis canalis Cycas canalis carinata Cycas chamaoensis Cycas clivicola Cycas clivicola clivicola Cycas clivicola lutea Cycas conferta Cycas couttsiana Cycas curranii Cycas ...

Cycad International : Katherine NT Australia
... $0.00 Cycas canalis carinata Description Size US Price Some artificially propagated small seedlings/plants now available. Please enquire for availability. P.O.A. 2 cm $0.00 Cycas clivicola clivicola Description Size US ... . The price and size below is only an estimate. Enquire now. 15 cm $450.00 Cycas clivicola lutea Description Size US Price I have only a small number of these genetically pure ...
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Cycas chamaoensis
... Photo Ken Hill The Cycad Pages Cycas chamaoensis Cycas chamaoensis K.D. Hill, Brittonia 51(1): 58, fig. 6 (1999). HNSW TYPE: Thailand, ... the microsporophylls. The large megasporophylls with a very strongly dilated lamina distinguish both from C. clivicola and related species, and C. siamensis. The latter is also distinguished by its thickened bark ...

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