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crown vetch

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Floridata: Vine List
... trumpet, Argentine trumpet vine Congea tomentosa wooly congea, shower orchid, shower of orchids Coronilla varia crown vetch Cucumis sativus cucumber, pickle, gherkin Cucurbita spp. squash, pumpkin, gourd Cuscuta spp dodder, lovevine, strangleweed ...

Floridata: Fast Growing Plants
... plant, false hop, shrimp bush Justicia spp. jacobinia, Brazilian plume, king's crown Kerria japonica Japanese kerria, Japanese rose Lantana camara lantana, shrub verbena Lantana ... esculenta taro, dasheen, elephant ear Coreopsis grandiflora coreopsis, calliopsis, tickseed Coronilla varia crown vetch Costus speciosus crepe ginger, Malay ginger Crocosmia X crocosmiiflora montbretia, crocosmia Cuphea ...

Floridata: Coronilla varia
... fields. Culture Light: Full sun. Moisture: Crown vetch thrives with regular watering and hangs on during droughts. Hardiness: USDA Zones 4 - 9. Propagation: Crown vetch is grown from seed which usually ... inoculated with the appropriate legume bacteria. Crown vetch seed can be sown right into grassy or weedy areas without soil preparation. This planting of crown vetch is controlling erosion along a ...