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crimpled flowers

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Hybrid Remontant Types by Henry B. Ellwanger, 1882
... , fortified with red thorns of unequal length, but generally short; foliage rather oval, somewhat crimpled; flowers large, or very large, of flat shape, very fill, fragrant, of some shade of ... wood is light green, furnished with occasional thorns; of strong growth; foliage pale green and crimpled. Flowers various shades of rose, generally of semi-globular form, large, somewhat fragrant; free in ...

Hybrid Noisette Roses
... Bonnaire Type* The flowers are of medium size, and of circular, very beautiful form. The growth is moderate, or dwarf. The foliage is rather small and somewhat crimpled; the wood light green, fortified with numerous small spines. Though devoid of fragrance, these are our most charming white roes; the flowers are freely produced throughout ...
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