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creep settlement

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Powell River Project - Foundations for Housing on Reclaimed Mined Lands
... settlement occur in deep fills. Creep settlement occurs routinely, due to the sheer weight of loose earth materials; the rate of creep settlement decreases with time. Hydroconsolidation is settlement ...

Pasture & Range Information
... volunteer or from planting seed of a naturalized ("native") crabgrass or the "Red River" variety. Creep Grazing Accesses in Electric Fences by R.L. Dalrymple Most of our rotational grazings employ ... a component of plant communities primarily in the eastern half of Oklahoma prior to European settlement and can still be found in areas not subjected to grazing pressure. This native grass ...

Wildflower Folklore - A collection of wildflower stories and the legends behind wild flowers.
... having medicinal properties. This includes uses already known by North American Native populations before European settlement plus the discoveries by the Europeans after their arrival. A Few Examples: Below are ... pastel pink bloom. Also called trailing arbutus, the Latin name means, literally, “to creep upon the earth”. It received the name, Mayflower, from the Pilgrims. The story goes ...